Friday, October 17, 2014

Fashionista Of The Week: Funfere Koroye

Hello everyone! I know right... This segment is been ages! Whatever happened, I'm more than excited it's back and better with this epitome of everything fashion. Let's meet Funfure.

1. Give us some basic information about you: My name is Funfere koroye, I am a Masters Graduate student from the Domus Academy in Milan in Product Development, a Bachelors Undergraduate student from SCAD in Industrial Design in Georgia and an Apprentice Diploma in Footwear Building from Academia Riaci in Florence. I have attended a couple of design schools, as listed above, and I am proficient in most design/engineering software. I have an avid love for fine art, product design and the process of re-inventing.

2. Apart from Fashion, what else:  I wouldn't really say fashion is my life, I just like to look good. As a product designer and product developer, I am tasked to design, plan and develop industrial, commercial or consumer products for manufacture with particular emphasis on ergonomic factors, marketing considerations and innovative advancements. In conclusion I prepare designs and specifications of products, both virtual and physical, to help businesses reach their customers more efficiently.

3. What is your greatest Fashion pet-peeve: Wearing leather t-shirts in hot climates makes no sense.

4. What can’t you be caught doing as fashion concerned: Mixing prints and colors like a circus-clown.

5.  What do you do for Fun: I build and ride motorcycles.

6. Describe yourself in few words: A wolf who doesn't care about the opinion of sheep.

7. What’s that fashion item you can’t go a day without: My casio watch is my life saver, i tend not to like analogs.

8. Would you spend your last dime on a fashion:  No material possessions will follow you into the grave.

9. Anything to say about my blog: Intelligent hard working black women in Africa can be stylish too, its not just for blondes in California.

I love love his fashion forwardness! It's totally amazing and off the hook! See more of him on his Instagram handle: @fusionkelvar

Would you like to be part of this segment? Please email us for procedures to follow.

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Have a great weekend guys!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Introducing Esovenn!!

Look at the fashion designer(face) behind my gorgeous Aso ebi's! She makes them to full taste and makes head move each time I drop at events.

This cameroonian lady was born and bred in Lagos, she studied English in  Unilag,her passion for  fashion started at the age of 5 when she would sit and draw sculptures. She is very creative. She continued her journey learning fashion from 2 fashion houses in Lagos, Nigeria.

 Esovenn have been over 6years now. She has made clothes for lots of hostesses for event seminars, shows and even the prestigious grand opening of  continental hotel in VIctorial Island, Lagos.

And no! Don't let all these great achievement chase you lol! She is so affordable! You will sure thank me latter!

 Here are few of the outfits she made me at various events. I'm sure we all cannot wait to have her details. Please see the end of the post for full details.

They are located
 12 modupe Street, off awolowo way ikeja, Lagos.
BB pin 28C2EF11 
Phone nos 0701826687208182743927.
Instagram; @esovenn1

Thursday, October 2, 2014

All Barbie Black

Happy Thursday lovelies! How are you? And hope you enjoyed your holiday? I was at a clients wedding yesterday. It feels great to get to meet my blog customers and even attend their events. It was indeed an honour. Happy married live Adeyanju of Davogue Beauty Spa!

For my outfit, I'm all black in esembles! I feel like a school girl... I was bent on giving myself a treat on my last week birthday not minding how much this may cost me. Fashion is really pain! I wish my money could just land back in my bank account! Lol...

Dress is Riverisland 
Panty hose are H&M 
Shoe by Manolo Blahnik
Boy Bag by Chanel

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 Ella Mo 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

RTV Kollections 15% Off!

Happy Independence Day everyone! RTV Kollections Is glad to celebrate with Nigerians on her slash in prices of all these items and lots more! It's easy! Add her up, send what you have always wanted to purchase and then again, you get it off 15%! And yes you read me right!

The 15% off sales on retail items running from 1st October till 7th october to mark independence. ​Discount Code to apply is EXTRA15.
for ​wholesale items 15% off till 15th October Discount code is SALES

BB: 7A31050D
WHATSAPP: +447561463653
Connect with us on:

Have a fabulous shopping experience ladies!

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