Friday, January 23, 2015

Reohob Nigeria Limited

You know what it means to experience 24hours electricity without any air pollution? If you can relate, then you should choose REOHOB was breathtaking to have my Christmas and new year with no interrupted power supply. I've heard about inverters and I've also heard some do not work appropriately as prescribed.  REOHOB    Is tested and trusted. I mean you all know anything you get to read and see here is credible. As seen below is what is instore for us. 

We at Reohob Nig. Ltd would like to offer you a chance at uninterrupted power supply for your homes & offices by use of Inverters & solar.

With this there is power supply for between 8 - 48 hours, everything runs smoothly & better at home and at the office. And its a safer and a renewable way of power generation.

Contact us today and get an inverter installed and begin to enjoy its benefits.

Are you tired of getting fuel for your generator?

Are you tired of the noise from your generator?

Are you tired of the smoke pollution?

No more power cuts, No more noise pollution, No more smoke pollution, No more fuel consumption and no more maintenance cost with Our Brand of Inverters.

The advantages of our brand of Inverters cannot be over emphasised.

An Inverter is The Perfect solution to the PHCN crisis and Fuel Hike problems.

Email:, Mobile: 08038079483 & 08185982675
Company mail: Info@reohobbusiness

Rere. Obaisi

Reohob Nig. Ltd.
Rere. Obaisi
So guys! Do the needful sweetly.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lady in Biba...

Il be loving Bisola of LadyBiba everyday. It's just always impossible not crush on her 2015 pieces. And I'm very honored to wiggle first in it.

I love the fabric mix especially in texture. It's a brilliant idea.

Dress is by :
Bag:Louis Vuitton 
Shoe: Christain Louboutin

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 Ella Mo  

Flare Love!

The holiday ended like rapture! Lol. I have come to realize that no number of days for holidays can be enough. Happy new year darlings.
Well I'm back at work with a love for flare in whatever cut and styles it comes.

Lately, I have come to love blogging. I hardly even invest on clothes anymore because I have them all from high street fashion store owners which I now take in place of reviewed advert cost.

For my outfit, I'm wearing a flared bottom dress from DixiesApperals. She has more in all sizes. On my Instagram page, I share these store owners by tag, that way, it's easy as their full contact information is on the bio page.

Flared bottom dress from DixiesApperals (see Instagram:@ellasucre)
Bag is Prada
Shoe is ManoloBlahnik

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 Ella Mo 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Introducing Envy Shoes and Accessories

Envy Signature is a privately owned premium shoes and accessories fashion house in Nigeria. The brand is dedicated to the design of quality fashion shoes and accessories for every stylish individual.
We loved the quality, design and colours of the shoes and so we created an identity that could stand up to those wonderful features.
The unique 'V' in ENVY is the main mark of this brand and it captures the uniqueness of the shoe brand in all ramifications.

I couldn't take my eye off this particular His and Her collection. I'm so excited and cannot wait to rock with my man. 

Contact details 
Instagram : @envyshoesandaccessories 

Tel: 08171862695

I love the shoes genuity and durability! You can't but find a place in your wallet and space in your rack to behold one and more! Do have a great time shopping with envy.

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Happy New year in a bit guys.

Monday, December 29, 2014


Adorable should be adorned! Here is giving back at Christmas. We have got bags & shoes that are less than 10k each.
That more sales are going on in our Instagram page you will get free spa day for shopping upto 50 thousand naira worth of items.

That it's strictly on our IG page @adorableclothier & our bbm 79787975. Whatsapp 08157714407

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 Ella Mo 
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