Thursday, October 2, 2014

All Barbie Black

Happy Thursday lovelies! How are you? And hope you enjoyed your holiday? I was at a clients wedding yesterday. It feels great to get to meet my blog customers and even attend their events. It was indeed an honour. Happy married live Adeyanju of Davogue Beauty Spa!

For my outfit, I'm all black in esembles! I feel like a school girl... I was bent on giving myself a treat on my last week birthday not minding how much this may cost me. Fashion is really pain! I wish my money could just land back in my bank account! Lol...

Dress is Riverisland 
Panty hose are H&M 
Shoe by Manolo Blahnik
Boy Bag by Chanel

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 Ella Mo 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

RTV Kollections 15% Off!

Happy Independence Day everyone! RTV Kollections Is glad to celebrate with Nigerians on her slash in prices of all these items and lots more! It's easy! Add her up, send what you have always wanted to purchase and then again, you get it off 15%! And yes you read me right!

The 15% off sales on retail items running from 1st October till 7th october to mark independence. ​Discount Code to apply is EXTRA15.
for ​wholesale items 15% off till 15th October Discount code is SALES

BB: 7A31050D
WHATSAPP: +447561463653
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Have a fabulous shopping experience ladies!


I however cannot get enough of playing with plaid. I love the manly illusion it creates. This top or rather dress is quite long and I tucked it in my skirt. I want to tie my tartan shirt over my oversized jean too! Maybe on my vacation next month.

September was a great month! Please when next you come again, come this beautiful or better. This Gucci bag was a birthday gift and I adore it!

Have a great bank holiday guys!

Shirt is H&M
Skirt is H&M
Shoe is Primark
Bag is Gucci.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

House of Keron 3k Everythang!!!

Everything must go this October! Shop any item on sales for 3k!!! Dresses, tops, pants, skirts and blazers! All for 'THREE THOUSAND NAIRA ONLY!

We are opened from Monday to Friday. Do not miss out people! Take advantage and shop almost for free!

Shop Adress:House of Keron 
No 23 Allen avenue Ikeja oshoppey bstop.
Blackberry pin: 7f112407.
Phone number:08023028025..
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Have a swell time shopping ladies! 

Introducing Zokas Priceless pieces! - Independence Day Sales!

Sales is at it's right peak this wonderful season of our independence! What is a fabulous dressing without a slash of bag to make it look elegant! Bags are timeless  pieces! 

Celebrate independence with Zokas Timeless Pieces with up to 15% off our fabulous calfskin leather handbags/purses and leather cuffs/bangles. Shop online securely on our or place orders via bbm or whatsapp.
Zokas Timeless Pieces is an authorised stockist of Florian London UK and Carbotti Italy. All items are authentic. 
At Zokas, every money spent is a symbol of timeless quality.

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Have a fabulous time shopping ladies! Don't forget to take a friend along!

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