Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello from Postpartum Side!!

Hey people! Allow me to get mushy about my brand new life... It's been joy unexplainable! Boubacar is so adorbs I take him everywhere! It's definitely a great feeling I must confess.

Today, I decided I've had enough holiday from my blog lol.. So in wearing this deep hem scater flowery dress.. I know it's a very chick and casual look but the flowery design on it blew me away!

Dress: Asos
Shoes: Agaci
Purse: Marshalls
Accessories: Agaci

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We have a baby!!!!

Hello people!
 So we have a baby and im super excited to share this! It was supernatural! I have shared the story on my Instagram page. 

Baby B weight 8Pounds 6Ounces. 

We love him!!!

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Last Pregnancy Shoot!

I took this shoot just 8 hours before my baby delivery! I went to do some last minute shopping.

...And it's a farewell to pregnancy fashion! I'm gonna so miss you! Now let me get my body prepared for a banging come back!!

Denim Dress: CNYFASHION House
Top and Short: Gap
Shoes: Asos
Accessories: Agaci

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Thursday, April 14, 2016


Of course I'm thuging in this outfit! So hello people! Can the count down begin already??? I'm so excited! Today was about taking a long walk so I decided to get into this sportish and yet sexy outfit. I have fallen in love with Forever21 of late! Lol...

Outfits: Forever21
Sneakers: Addidas

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Thursday, April 7, 2016


Hey all.. So I had a blast last night this this morning at #OlamideinHouston! I danced and danced everyone scared I may just drop lol! 

This post is onesie from yesterday's. Just thought I shared!

Denims & Sweat: Gap
Shoe: Asos

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Plaid Game

I played dress in this so casual outfit and simply thought I shared...

Top: Forever21
Short: Tommy Hilfiger 
Shoe: Steve Madden
Bag: Hermes

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Ella Mo X Karemah!

Karimat is such a sweet girl and just discovered her love for play dressing and blogosphere. Her love for graft location intoxicated me to hit her up for a collabo and im glad we did..

One word for our shoes! Superb"..

I am wearing Gap outfits and shoes from Asos.

Karimat is wearing a Steve Madden Shoes.. Head on straight to her blog here for other outfit details:

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