Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Local Fabrics....Our Polish looks...

                                                                                                        The traditional or local fabrics has come to stay,since in the 60's...research has it origin to be trace to holland and Manchester. And there are different types of this fabrics. The first is the kante fabric that is known with the ghanian,next is the adi-re which means tie and dye in english and is common with the southern part of Nigeria, especially in Abeokuta and ibadan. There are lots lots of ways to rock these material and look glamme in them....check out pictures and sew urs...And just before the questions come knocking...Who is your Tailor..lol..The banner showing the information of the tailor will be right on the blog soonish luv...Enjoy!

                                       Kevwe Salubi rocking the igbo traditional material in awesome cut & style

                           i did the Cape design with a plain and patterend Daviva
                                            I got an Ankara and used a sequine to design
                                         im wearing two different Ghana materia, and i mixed to sew a flared gown.
                            im wearing a Daviva here too, and i designed in a lovely dress.
                                                Heres a Linen i sewed with a big tup.
                                 Here is  Ghana Fabric i got and just wrapped twice over a Net tup i also sewed
 Here is the Igbo Traditional Fabric i sewed in Oleku Style using two different colour but seme design

                                Above is sewing a Fabric and still looking Co-Operate in them.

I saw this and tried mine in two different local fabrics. The Igbo and the Ghanian, i dont know, but i need convinction....wat if i killed it and i dont know it?...lol... now WHO WORE IT BETTER READERS? NOTE PLS: Im easily emotionally broken down...*in Jenifa's foise*...hahahaha... Drop your comment below guys! Cheers.


  1. You are doing a great work keep it up ella.

  2. You wore it better. Am soo loving the style. I tink am gonna copy it ASAP!

  3. Nice nice nice,​​A̶̲̥̅♏ impress.u r real,wishd detoun cld b real too,instead of claimin not to b gettn any idea from anybody,dt bullshit.*eyerollin*

  4. amazing designs with beautiful fabrics and colors..

    Thanks for sharing nice info
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  5. Ella, may I ve ur contact or BB pin pls?

  6. Ella, may I av ur phone no. or BB pin pls?

    1. Hello pls mail me on ellamoyo@gmail.com

  7. Where do you get the kante fabrics in ghana @ a good price?? Please help


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