Monday, April 28, 2014

Office to Party Outfit

Why i forgot my camera today is totally beyond me! Sigh. Last night i was busy cracking my head on what to where to work and also wear for a party after work. This came so! And im glad i didnt walk away from it while shopping at DGL the other day..

Its a 50th party birthday and i just singed off at work! Smh for me! I never knew i could rush my to do list because of party! Now i know! I will always set my mind on party default so i can always meet up! Lol

Dress is DGL
Shoe is Zara

Have a great week ahead guys!

Ella Mo.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Playsuit Play

Hello sweet ones..
Im not a playsuit lover, why? Coz i have to undress each time i need to use the convience. But here i am... The so tribal print on this was the love at first sight. Im wearing a size twice ahead of my size coz i want the idea of a 'PlaySuit' This really helps.

Playsuit is from DGL
Sandal is Zara
Bag is Primark

Happy weekend guys! 

Ella Mo.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bottom Flared

I cannot get over the softly gathered bottom flare of this skirt! Its totally chick. I thought i would never forgive Asos when i finally decided to purchace the skirt and as usual it was sold out...alas! Boohoo came to my rescue.

There is nothing like a feed back! Thanks to those who mailed concerning blogger. It really helped.
Skirt by Boohoo from Lapesworld
Shirt is Alice from DGL (old)
Shoe is Zara

Ella Mo

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trend Alert:::Anti Skinny: The Wide Leg Fashion

I know the skinnys are so hard a habit to break! But hey! We should never be too shy to experiment new looks. Too make moving on a bit easier i recommend this.

Not only will this style play nicely with your wardrobe, but will also keep you breezy and cool all season long...

Would you wear.

Outfits Deets:
Crop Top: DGL
WideLegs Pant: Lapesworld ( pls see IG for tags)

IG: @ellasucre

Weekend is almost here again! Who's excited with me? Any update on blogger issues yet?????

Ella Mo.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Skater Season..

Yea its the season of skater again... Never mind... Keep buying them in different colors, shapes and cut.. It never wears out of fashion.

I decided to try mine out with a lace inner and sweat shirt to look a bit casual..
Meanwhile any blogger in the house? Im having issues logging on my blog.. I had to use my phone???? HELP!!!

For my outfit;
Skirt is Topshop from DGL
Sweatshirt is Mr Price Ghana
Shoe is Primark from Black Armani.

Ella Mo!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello Ghana....

Hello beautiful people.. How was the holiday? Mine was good. I was at Ghana for a friends wedding and here is what i wore to the event. The swing asos dress is everything! The pleats at the back is everything!

Errrm! Did you notice that we have upgraded? Oh yea! *wipessweat* its too much work! 

Dress by Asos from DGL
Shoe by Zara from Posibaby
Purse & Neckpiece from LPM

So end the holiday!

Ella Mo.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Adorable Clothier Easter Sales!

Im i the only one excited about Easter Sales around? Ahhhh i cant just get enough of it all! Adorable is saying Happy Easter to all her beautiful customers! Here are few of the items on 10% off!

Phone Number: 080157714407
Instagram: @adorableclothier
Online and Mobile shopper.
Happy Easter celebration!

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