Friday, July 19, 2013

Fashionista Of the Week: Uloma udeh

1. Give us some basic information about you.

ANSWER: my names are Uloma .p. udeh, an indigene of imo state, a graduate of faculty of engineering Enugu state university of science and technology also currently running my masters program (project management) at limkokwing university Malaysia.

2. What do you love about fashion?

ANSWER:  Fashion is diverse, and the trends are always changing also why love is that fashion is an art form that can accommodateeveryone. I love that it's in a constant state of evolution. I love that there are no rules, especially where we don't have to deal with gravity unless we want some Self expression, setting a mood, making a statement, it's a wonderful creative outlet whether creating it, wearing it or styling it for others. Fashion is one of the art forms that you live your life in. Not everyone likes poetry, not everyone likes looking at paintings, but fashion is one of the art forms which everyone in the world takes part of. It represents our inner psyche; it reestablishes our status in society. It serves as language, a non-verbal communication, which is the only way in which a culture's beliefs, mores, customs etc are passed on to another generations. Our choice of clothes represents inner desires and emotions, which we want to show or hide too. Fashion is everywhere, and everyone is part of it.

 Apart from fashion what else?
 ANSWER: nothing can replace fashion I love reading books; articles and journals.... listen togood  music

What do you do for fun?
ANSWER. Hanging out and playing snooker with friends, going clubbing, I also love to stayindoors drink and dance

5 What is your greatest fashion pet peeve.
ANSWERS? Thou I have so many I will just name a few, wear leggings as pant, too many bright colors (color blocking) ugly slutty attire most of us don’t know don’t that there is a difference between slutty and sexy slutty.

6. What can't you be caught doing
ANSWER. I can’t be caught window-shopping....

7. Describe yourself in few words
ANSWER....i  love fashion because it has no barrier if cheap or expensive and love looking good, am God fearing ,very humble and fun loving person....

8.  What fashion item can you not go a day without?
ANSWER my accessories and my sneakers and also your fashion blog, instagram pictures

9. Anyth
ing to say about my blog?
ANSWERS, wow your sense of fashion is different from many... your blog comprises of both day and night fashion sense, classy, sexy and enchanting at the same time its for allwoman both old and young your blog is really a fashion of art

Thank you Uloma. Follow her on instagram @sexiephil

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Nice outfit and she has got good sense of combination! nice legs, smile.... seems she is in love with zara clothing

  2. Such a goddess she knows how to use the colors so well that matches the style of a princess that she is ..

  3. Great fashionister.
    Love almost all the pictures.
    Http : /

  4. Pretty girl with so much swag

  5. Ehhh quite nice! She is beautiful and I think I like some of her outfit but don't like some too. I just think she needs to go with fashion/outfits that compliments her(body shape) more! That "slutty sexy thing" she said, and I saw it coz from her pix, u can easily deduce the one that has such a tag to it.Ehh that ain't my thing. I prefer the beautiful,sofisticated,sexy,fresh young, kinda fashion sense which I also saw in some of her pics! But I guess its not what I like we are talking abt or my kinda fashion sense and that's where we are different! And above all that's where STYLE comes in. I think shez indeed a fashionista in her own kind of way.!

  6. @Maya I pray the lord gives u d grace to know u are a fool,u indirectly or directly called this girl's dress sense slutty,bitch go get a life!

  7. slutty means naked, maya why dont you send your pics and let see....... you are really a fool, well she is such a brilliant and beautiful girl.. i know her so well. please do us a favour and mind the way you talk of beautiful ladies i can swear you are so old and have no fashion sense

  8. This z jus random! Very very random n der really wz no wow moment 4 m. Bukola Taiwo remains ma fave n pls Ella we want more of dt dopeness *using ur words*

  9. Lmao,we don see u@mr or mrs random

  10. hey pretty babe Ella i need her contact please as for me there are so many wow, nigerians and pepper body... she has got a good taste all the attire

  11. OMG love them all, keep it up all Ella as for haters keep hating and you will never get published for me this is the best.... she must be a fan of zara collections

  12. Nice dress sense and i like how she trys different things

  13. She's jus der...ders no wow factor offence bt my yunga sis does better..btw tot she sed she doesn't like wen girls wear leggings as pants/trouser? Isn't dat wat she's doin in d 14th pic?

  14. Ada......hummmm i have always admired your sense of style, i like the risk you take in putting together those colors and how they come out so good. And you have a very beautiful skin i wish i can get mine to look like that. you where kind enough to me the tips but its so much work for me,lol. Anyways keep it up girl naija no day carry last.

  15. good collections all nice and well blended, she actually knows what goes with her body shape

  16. My girl is good mehn, love it


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