Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Work Edition: The Designer Scarves

There are exclusives range of exciting scarves that one can use to jazz up your suit or blazer too skirt outfit. 

This is one of the fashion item that caught my eye at the London Fashion Week! Get the look switties.

Scarve by HighStreet Channel
Blazer by H&M
Skirt by Zara
Shoe by Boohoo
Bag by RiverIsland

Photo Credit: Dee Sofowora.


  1. Errrrr d scarf znt all dt Cool...looks like A̶̲̥̅̊ baby's bips. But errodaa tin z 100%...dnt tink d scarf will work well in nigeria..

  2. The scarf actually really is a good idea but to put that chic essence to it I think it should be tucked in just at the tip i.e if your blazer is gonna be buttoned and it shouldn't be tied too tight or too close to your neck else it'd seem like ure choking ...scarves are coming back wth a big bang...I can feel it!!

  3. i love your look,get back to naija and gimme the bag...... lol

  4. scarf no gell at all if you had a long hair do would have tried but truth is you na fit try am for nigeria office unless its a fashion studio...... but i love the bag pls dont put it on the floor again

  5. I'm dazzled at people's comment on here. I came across this blog on her IG. Presently it's scorching hot in England and its was pulled right here. The look is ebullient and anymore complains about not been suitable for work in Nigeria, I'm afraid your work place doesn't have an Air condition. Cici Cox

    1. go and try it in gtb or zenith bank now or mtn office shey these ones are fully bombarded with air conditions. Then tie the scarf like that round your neck wen you do make sure you video it and send to ella for us to see

  6. Really love the way she pulled off d look,the whole ensemble is fab.Please check for ur trendy outfits

  7. I think d scarf idea is lovely n it wld work in Nigeria, just that it should be tied some other way


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