Saturday, February 1, 2014

We Love DGL's New in....

Hey everyone. Happy weekend. Lets keep a date with Debra's Grace today... We love her new in! 

Please contact us at DGL WHOLESALE OUTLET and RETAIL for further enquiries.
BB PIN- 7AC0AB35, 299C3EE7, 24D8DB48, 25B69B8E, 22B2688F.

TELEPHONE - +234 8183147680
RETAIL ENQUIRES: +2348020351828; +2348056516029; 

Instagram: @debrasgrace.

Thanks for stoping by. We are on Instagram and Twitter: @ellasucre and Keek: @ellamo.


  1. Dgl shd consider dose who dnt wear short gowns. Make detailed and fine tops and bottoms available
    Tnx ella thumbs up, u ve been on point

  2. Please can I get the shop address of the DGL store on the mainland. Thanks

  3. Please kindly reach the phone number's below. Cheers

  4. @ short gowns - I think Ella is d one in luv wt short dresses. DGL has knee-length and below-knee dresses. Visit the shop and be convinced as I dnt wear short dresses too (wink)

  5. @ short gowns - lol, I think Ella is the one in luv wt dm o. DGL has knee-length and below the knee dresses with many tops and bottoms. I am also not a fan of short dresses and I have bought many dresses that are below the knee, even tops and bottoms frm them. I think you should visit their shop or give them a call.


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