Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oufit of today: Shine bright in Sequin

This is my outfit today to work. I wore a black dress and jazzed it with this sequin blazer. You will agree with me that this outfit is simply an interesting one. Unfortunately, both the dress and blazer are revamped. I had them a very long time ago; hence there won’t be direct contact details for them ….But hey! OASIS has something similar for the sequin blazer and I love theirs even better.

By the way, Danny Crane lied!!!! ‘o ti re body mehn’!!! I feel quite feverish. I can’t wait to have this weekend all to myself already. If you don’t see around for few days, please pardon me!

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 Ella Mo


  1. I love your outfit, but u look sad today I hope you are okay if not get well soon. Love u loads. Mwaah

  2. Love u doll........kip glowing!!!

  3. Infact I love all your outfits and Ill love to copy dem on a daily basis.u rily have to tell us where u get these lovely outfits from all d tym.I always want to copy everytin abt u from ur hair to those lovely shoes u cmon girl start putting at the end of your posts where you got dem from.
    Thank u and I love u,seriously!

  4. Ella, u r loved SERIOUSLY....m concerned...hehehe M.Gold

  5. Muah!
    I just discovered this blog last week and I am in love already. Pls do more to spread the word on the more popular blogs/websites cos this is sooo good.
    You sense of style is upbeat. Lots of love.


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