Saturday, June 1, 2013

Taking Double Denim to a new extreme.......

How adorable i look on my Denim on denim outfit today. I have tried on bottoms and simply not on a skirt before now. I never thought i'd be dying for this outfit till i tried it on. I would normally say that denim should be different shades, but this monochrome denim is totally working for me.

 I coudn't wait to share this outfit....The pieces fit so well and i love the way i packed my hair!

 Who's trying this brilliant idea with me?

Outfit details:

Denim from Mango
Denim skirt by Riverisland from DGL
Stappy Shoes by Zara from SUMMER TRENDZ

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Ella Mo


  1. To hawt. I'm def trying this out

  2. Love!
    Been wanting to rock denim shirt on a denim skirt for a while now but avnt found the skirt I really like :(
    You look amazing!
    your hair is super firece!

  3. Am inspired Ella,will definitely try it. You look nice

  4. Ella I really wanna hate you na. Normally I don't comment on your outfits but This outfit is so nice, love the way you also styled your hair. Nice & Classy! I'm so loving dis.

  5. I saw the outfit on instagram and had to visit here, gurl you fashion.

  6. You look gorgeous on this double denim.
    I love the way you styled ur hair.
    Am working on a post for triple denim.
    Http : / /

  7. Do they stil ve d denim in DGL or its old stock

  8. Av seen dis style on another blog guess u copied her lol but it is gud 2 get ideas 4rm people once in a while. I know u won't post dis but u look gud.

    1. ella's friendJune 4, 2013 at 4:27 PM

      Okay so after lol-ing at the first stupid statement, you still blabbed on. Atleast you are here to get idea from her as always. You are very welcome!

  9. Amazing works, I like colourful projects. Thanks for sharing.

  10. dis ur hair packing na wa

  11. lovely.


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