Sunday, August 18, 2013


Today I did a little shopping... And i wore this cute gorgeous dress by Asos from DGL.. 
I felt I wasted this outfit because it would have passed for a dinner or any kinda party. To make myself happy, I decided to bring it on here for you guys!

Where would you have rocked yours too?



  1. Gorgeous dress!
    Can't believe you wore it toto ru around shops. Lol
    Nway, you can also re-rock it n use it to its maximum potential. Hehehehe

  2. So i av this dress. D orange actually but once yu wash it, d black bleaches with the white ng gives d dress blemishes but it looks really good on you. Hot hot babe. Keep it up

  3. u can wear a black jacket na!!everytin go gbaski...abi??just saying


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