Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tiger-head print fashion!

This outfit is very fierce! Could scare away a little child... Lol. Tee's are so in vogue about now, and the animal graphic tees are taking over, especially that of the beer, dog, and Tiger.

I'm wearing the Tiger print and I incorporated with a short and tennis. Tennis is also back and I can't wait to try them on, on a dress.

Tiger-print Tee from Primark
Short by Forever21
Tennis by H&M
Bag: Zara

Versatile Bay and House of Debola have complete outfit. Please check banner on the blog for their details.

Have a lovely weekend guys! 



  1. Waiting to see how tennis would go on a dress.that would be a very audacious experiment.ella can pull any stunt with

  2. Dis mall looks like d 1 around ilford

  3. Ella can always redefine fashion, no matter the trend! U nailed dis as always!!!


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