Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Store Alert! Its all about DGL!!

Season greetings sweet ones! 

New store Alert !!! New store Alert!!!- (DGL) just moved closer to you. Do you live or work on the island?  Why not make a quick stop at POSH APPARELS-Shop 15 Divine Grace Plaza,6 Agungi Road, Lekki Lagos.Tel: 08068182216- BB Pin: 7C7141F1. Lowest prices guaranteed and stay Fashion up.  *run*


  1. I barely stumbled upon your blog by some weird chance, but I must say, it's a great job you're doing for the Nigerian Fashion Industry...not the all glammed up, all over the news fashion industry, but that which is lesser known, consisting of thousands of designers, stylists, salons, and boutiques.

    Keep doing your thing. I followed you on Twitter as @BarBaricSTYLE. Do follow back so we can share tweets, links, and posts. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. Ella,you didn't try the way you just abandoned this blog .its not fresh at just went MIA without putting your readers into consideration.

  3. You people its like Ella is pregnant ohh..this one she is not posting again hmm..

  4. Don't strt what u cnt finish. Blogging ain't easy girl


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