Saturday, December 28, 2013

This is my story.....

Hello everyone. Im deeply sorry for my continous absense to blogging! Its a big and long story.... And im going to tell it all...

First work is been really crazy! They short staffed and promoted. Yes! I got promoted! I was super excited about this not until the loads and loads of works started coming. Oh dear! I never k new how strong i was till i faced some bashings. And the sad story here is, the nice, gentel and kind hearted guy that took few mins out of his time everyday to snap me was sacked. This pierced through my soul...

That went... Remembet i told you guys i was working on something real big on the blog? Ok here it came! Im introducing this segment soon but i guess i just do that here. We now have a factory where we make fabrics. And its strictly laces, velvet, ankara, gele, aso oke etc... 
We planed to take away the aso ebi stress off all our brides and groom's family! So all you need do is send us a picture of the fabric and colour you want, we produce them in numbers and we arrange gifts alongside.

Im thinking a big event planning alongside. So we also have our depors registered with us for your beautiful decorations, camera men and photography, Cateering services, Make up and Stylist, Wedding Dreses and Groom's suit and Receptions dresses gor the bride.

I have organized this for two couples already and they are super greatful. This also is been taking my time!

For any of this services. Please reach me on:
Pin: 2AEF68B9

I promise to be back and better come next year! I will source out for a daily photographer and id use my break period to take pictures and blog. You may aswell keep up with the little selfie pictures i upload on my Instagram @ellasucre.

Enjoy your day guys. Compliment if the season! And thank you for been a part of our blog! God bless us everyday!


  1. I missed u like WTF! Good to hear frm u..congrats on ur promotion,and sorry abt d guy dt got sacked.lookin 4ward to ur updates.happy new year in advance dear

  2. Kept refreshing your blog everyday then at a point I got tired. Congratulations on your promotion. I can't wait to see your fashion posts now oh!


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