Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Plaid got revamped!

Hi honey's! You good?I'm quite happy today! Ask me why? A boss at my office took me these pictures! Lol.. The white man is so passionate about my blog and he says he would always do this at his free time. Bless God!

For my outfit, i revamped my plaid top and skirt and this is how ebullient it came out. Im on my weight loss programme and i wount stop till im a size 8. Believe me! 

Top is from DGL
Skirt is from Versatile Bay.
Shoe is from Black Armani ( pls add his new pin 2B57C1F3)

Have a gorgeous day beautiful people!

Ella Mo!


  1. Hehe size 8 dear u look awesome like dis ooo

  2. Pls wat happens to all your size 12 clothes when u become size 8? Mmmmnnn...

  3. Cute outfit, you look lovely


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