Monday, April 28, 2014

Office to Party Outfit

Why i forgot my camera today is totally beyond me! Sigh. Last night i was busy cracking my head on what to where to work and also wear for a party after work. This came so! And im glad i didnt walk away from it while shopping at DGL the other day..

Its a 50th party birthday and i just singed off at work! Smh for me! I never knew i could rush my to do list because of party! Now i know! I will always set my mind on party default so i can always meet up! Lol

Dress is DGL
Shoe is Zara

Have a great week ahead guys!

Ella Mo.


  1. lovely outfit and this really takes you from work to party

  2. Hi,
    Is DGL a brand or just a store. Which shop in the uK or US is the dress from please

  3. Hello Dodo,
    DGL is a store in Lagos Nigeria who stock high street brands. My dress is from Errrm! Can I reply when the drycleaner returns.*coversface* Thanks.


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