Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Skater Season..

Yea its the season of skater again... Never mind... Keep buying them in different colors, shapes and cut.. It never wears out of fashion.

I decided to try mine out with a lace inner and sweat shirt to look a bit casual..
Meanwhile any blogger in the house? Im having issues logging on my blog.. I had to use my phone???? HELP!!!

For my outfit;
Skirt is Topshop from DGL
Sweatshirt is Mr Price Ghana
Shoe is Primark from Black Armani.

Ella Mo!


  1. Ella,i am one of yur greatest fan reason bn dt u cum out clean to tell us whr u bought yur stuffs n wt u wearing unlike some other bloggers bt i feel d shoe didnt do justice to d outfit.#myopinionthough#

  2. Loving those shoes and skirt
    Nice look


  3. Hi ella,I'm plus sized I actually av skater skirts but they r mostly above d knee n actually nice,I've been eyeing dis design ure wearing but I dot knw if it wud fit me.wot do u think?

    1. Hello dear. Skaters are fabulous on plus size. Be it long nor knee length. You can catch some inspiration from infashionrehab she is a blogger on the plus size and she moves fashion mountain! I hope this helps? Cheers

  4. Thanks dear!ure a darl!

  5. Ella Ella!!!dis is fab fab...oya tell me thank u


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