Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas Hamper

Christmas is in the air! I love Christmas and the gifts that comes with it! Lizmor Events took hampers to some serious level with her all sort varieties! We should all by now know I'm a sucker for affordability! You should take it that all you read here is real! Start ordering for yours at bargained prices for your type of hampers.
Bath and Laundry Hamper

 Breakfast Hamper

Complete Xmas Family Meal Hamper

Reach out to Lizmor Events

Phone Numbers; 08036120522, 08059578461

Pin: 2AB126C9

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  1. Yes christmas make some hapi and I c make u hapi if u v sometin 2 celebrate a sis and make her christmas unforgetable..God will bless u more ELLA

  2. Yes christmas brings joy.happiness and all d 2 those dat v something 2 celebrate with..plsss my sis put a smile on someone's face dis xmas by helping a sis 2 smile ..And God will surely bless u more..ELLA


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