Sunday, February 1, 2015

EllaMoPrince2015.... The Journey so far.

Hello my beloved readers. So now where do I start from? I felt i owe this to you guys, that is why I have brought it down here. I'm much aware we must have seen most of it all on social media but here's to official...I am getting married!!! Yippee! 

This journey is been 4years with my soon to become husband. It's not been easy, don't mind what you see on camera's but all glory be to the Almighty.

I want to particularly thank all those who mailed me, called and sent text messages. Thanks for rejoicing with me.

Because of popular demand, I will be sharing my journey with my readers.. It's not easy to plan a wedding o! Lol but with sufficient number of days/months ahead it's quite conquerous.

I just handed our wedding over to a party planner since I have covered few aspect of it all a lil bit to satisfaction. We will be using Ace Party planner ( one of the biggest wedding planner in the United States). And I hope to get the very best from her.

For my pre- wedding shoot. Trust me this took a lot of decisions to make. After suffing all wedding vendors on Instagram I eventually settled for Seyi Charles George for these reasons; Seyi is too passionate about his job. I have caught a glimpse of him at a friend's wedding where he took a picture and he looked into his camera, he jumped all up gazing and lusting at his gadget and whispered to his colleague 'Tunde the shot I took now is bahd ass! Haa I can't wait to unleash as soon as I get home'. Behind doors I'm like oh wow! Now this is the man I'm talking about. A month later I called him ..'Seyi this is Ella Mo and I want you to cover my wedding' he goes ok Ella send me your email. And that was a done deal!

Two weeks after we went for our shoot. I wanted a dinner look, traditional look, garden shoot and a casual look. SCgeorge delivered 101%! I mean we took this shoot on a Sunday we got them on Wednessday which you will never get from other photographers.

I have other vendors which I can't  wait to share with you all.. So call all brides to be, get in here!

Our big day is April 16th and 18th 2015. 
I'm pretty much aware a lot of my readers wants to share this day with us. I will be giving a slot out to 10 readers. Please do me an email. The very 1st 10 will get a reply with all details of the wedding as regards Invites and aso ebi.

I will bring the blog alive again with my wedding planning so come round often.

Details of all outfits are on my Instagram: @ellasucre. But I'm here to reply those who aren't on Instagram.

Please pray along with us to have this day successfully and a blissful home at the end of it all.

We love you all.



  1. Congratulations! Lovely photos

  2. Pls wats ur email addy Ella?

  3. Congrats Ella mo.God bless ur union

  4. U av really tried,I really enjoyed ur write ups n ur outfits re always on point.meanwhile re u a full time blogger n pls follow back on IG@omowhummie.thanks madam

  5. I never seen this type of beautiful couple, amazing post regarding Ella Mo Prince 2015.
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  6. Wow..lovely shots from Scgeorge...No details of the outfits here on your blog yet....


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