Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our Wedding Invites by LuxuryInvites

Our wedding cards was done by Luxuryinvites and I sort of have my reservations about it. We picked off out of multitude on his website, our preferences and we paid full. After 11 working days, our cards got delivered.  While we had to fold it's content into the lacercut envelops. (Which should have been the work of the card guy) but he had it straight delivered to my mail from the manufacturer.

Although the pieces we paid for wasn't complete which we are still battling with and his yet to say if that is a refund or he may be completing them.

My mum had mentioned we could get better cards in Lagos market but I didn't have that time to take that up or maybe I didn't just trust that source.

This card is a touch of class and yet simple though. It's called Lacer cut envelop invite.

Please see his full contacts on my Instagram @ellasucre but please learn from my mistakes and ensure you have your cards delivered before balancing payments. Lol..

How are you guys today? I'm presently at the Uk for vacation and my blog scarceness shall end. Lol

Ella Mo.


  1. Congrat Ella.pls get me sometin from the UK ooooo I wud hv love to attend ur wedding but I stay in Edo state.

  2. Ur so sweet Ella,God bless ur union

  3. OMG this guys are scammers they wioll disappoint you and never refund. I am still battling a refund case for undelivered cards and full payment was made for the past 3 months. Someone should actually official report the police.

    1. Hello dear. If you read my post well... I mentioned you dealt with them logically. Please send me a contact I can speak with you on.


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