Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashionista Of The Day: Olutosin Olusanu

Meet Tosin, my fashionista of the day! We are colleague and I must say his few amongs the guys that dresses well. I'm sure you will agree with me...Lets hear him speak..

1. I am 'Tosin Olusanu by name. I am also called TALENT by close friends and admirers. I am a Sales Engineer at Mantrac Nigeria Limited, Lagos.
2, I see fashion as a way to express myself; I am not really crazy about it.
3. I hate seeing guys with wrong match of shirts and ties. I also hate guys doing the colour blocking thing!!!
4. Fashion is so interesting; it gives you an identity.
5. You can never see me in a shouting item. I love it simple but cute.
6. I love hanging out with people. I am very socia and I love Manchester United FC.
7. I am easy going, gentle but not quiet, cheerful, friendly, reserved and result oriented.
8. Of course, a wristwatch. I have several collections that will always compliment my  shirt.
9. Your blog is so educative, so to say!  It is also interactive.





Thanks for gracing todays segment Tosin. Follow him on Twitter @TOlusanu
and also....*coughs* BB pin is on request. Lol...

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Ella Mo


  1. Fashionista or Show-Off-ista.. #okbye

  2. ella's friendMay 31, 2013 at 11:07 AM

    Fashionista or Just for Laughs?????

    1. tank u my dear for dat question...

  3. Erm! Not a fashionista @ all!!

  4. Nice one there,u look really awesome

  5. U̶̲̥̅̊ я̩̥̊c̶̲̥̅̊ so cute, å̝̅ paragon of beauty
    Handsome U̶̲̥̅̊. Kip up

  6. I trust u always Gorgeous wit nice designers guy kip it up

  7. errrrrmmmmmmm.....

  8. Hmmm,luv d outfits dey really cool! D wristwatches me likey*big smile* nd dat cute dimple on his chin*luvstruck* am so followin him on twitter ryt away lol

  9. Walahi dis boi is so funny,never commented b4 bt mehn...lwkmd...anh anh ella

  10. Waoh....? Kul nd 9c,I love it so much. Muahhhhhh.

  11. Issorai next segment
    Http : / /

  12. His style is simple and not over the top so I would say I like it.Am following you kindly follow back

  13. So,this 1 too is a fashionista abi?issorite,tell us u r only fulfilling a promise you made to him#hiss#

  14. The dude ain't so bad, just Dat he has a real funny body posture.

  15. Not a fashion freak but a sure dandy


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