Friday, May 2, 2014

Royal in Blue

Hello everyone. Hmmmm So after my training, i coudnt escape going back to work proper! Again my laptop went bunka! Well today, i wore this outfit to work.. Remember this skirt Yetrosalene Couture sewed for me? I styled it up in a simple casual friday wear..

Its Jay and Sese 2014 baby!!! Im off to calabar tommorrow for their traditional wedding and im super excited for them!

Outfit Details
Skirt made by Yetrosalane Couture: (Check Instagram tag for contact details)
Top: Zara
Sandal: Riverisland.

Happy weekend and a happy new month guys!


  1. love the skirt

  2. You look pretty!I love d blue,looks cool on you.

  3. Me likey

  4. Love the skirt will be making mine now


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