Monday, May 27, 2013

Black and White!!!

The simplicity of Monochrome can never be overemphasized...*wipes sweat*..One can never be tired of rocking this two colors....

 Hello everyone! U good? From my head to toe i'm wearing Black and white. And I got them all apart. Do not get it twisted like a friend that said to me this morning..." I love your dress"...I just didn't even allow the compliment land before I said.." oh no its a top and a skirt"



 Im wearing a two toned (white and black) top, and skirt too. I matched it up with a black and white strapy shoes and a white wrist watch, and a black bag! You will agree with me that this outfit is so simple and way too dope!

 My complete outfit is from SUMMER TRENDZ. Please check her details on the banner.
 Catch you at the other side!

Ella Mo


  1. Awww ella always murdering it keep on rockin *kimora

  2. Lovely babie. *kisses*

  3. I love dis!!!!!itz really dope

  4. Has anyone told you you look smashing n out of dis world today? You are simply ohhhhlalacious. Lol

  5. Awww. Look what you turned just a piece of color into. Are you not a style sensie? *throwing tantrums*

  6. I love this combination...very nice

  7. U pictures are amazing just don't make u legs look bow it is really not that nice u have Fab straight legs.FK


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