Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Celeb Inspired Look: Scott Disick VS Goke

Hello people. Goke was once featured on my Fashionista Of the week. If you missed it, check HERE Im happy to feature him again and any day any time. My good friend dressed alike just as Scott did. They are both wearing a custom made suit, a pair of jean, shirt, shoe and an ipad case. I love love this dope pull!

I dont even wanna get Scott wore it best comment *not interested face*! Buha! Coz its Goke all the way! Goke 'forthegirlsdem'!..haha..He so did it for me! #blackguyskillingit#

Let the pick roll in! Check out his Instagram handle for much more style: @mrcrowne

What a raining Wednessday it is....All i want is my bed....

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                                  Ella Mo


  1. Whossssssh! #teamGoke all the way

  2. Goke killed it, nice shoes too.

  3. D Goke guy Ova killed it,Everything On point.#Bad Man Fing#

  4. Replies
    1. Monkey its *Disick. And Goke wore it. #hater


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