Thursday, May 16, 2013

RP: Leopard Print Through

I really have not seen that daring outfit I cannot pull! On my dress down guts post this week, a reader Frada Idehen, says she’s scared of rocking animal print from head to toe, but she would do after I I took up this challenge and didn’t even let it be that I had to do hour apart.

 Last night I picked this long time Animal Print dress I got over 2years now and this blazer I got last year and this shoe I got with the clutch purse.
I didn’t match them up till this morning; I just knew it will go down well after putting them together.

 You should try this! Although my work place is where you can wear almost anything. If yours is too, try it and come back to thank me! It’s an IM AROUND outfit!

Dress: Oasis (A4dable Designz)
Blazer:  Dido (Posh Rawyalty)
Shoe: Dorothy Perkins (Blacky Armani)
Clutch: Dorothy Perkins (Blacky Armani)

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                                                                    Ella Mo


  1. Lovely combo, I like the fact that you also changed the pics background.

  2. Yeah that's what am talking about,you rocked this look to the later. U look gorge. Hope to rock it soon on my blog.

  3. I love ella i love ella im in love witj ella, see as she killed dis outfit** kimora

  4. Super dope! And far from the regular. Pls can I request for an outfit post too? Tinuke

    1. Hi Tinuke! Why not? Bring it on!

  5. Ellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pls don't "frustrate" me*lmao* ur dress sense yaff make me *lipsealed*.....wish I had ur confidence mehn.....AWESOME

  6. u've got the body so u can rock any outfit, lucky u. Fab look, might try it.
    P.S. Wat body cream/soap do u use? Ur skin's glowing

    1. Hey dear, I use Makari soap and cream.


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