Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jazz it up: Hair Fascinator!

A little beautiful hair fascinatior can jazz up your office outfit. My boss could not help but smile when he saw me this morning..... He goes; Ki la tu na kpe teni yi? ( what are we gonna call today's)... Lolz.. I bet he can't just get enough of my fashion forwardness.

Hair Fascinator; Accesorize
Peplum Top; Zara
Midi Length Skirt; H & M
Shoe; Select

A4dables Designz, Black Armani, T2Boutique and Lps can get complete outfit. Please click 'Web Version' to see their details on banners hanging on the blog.

Have a beautiful day bloggers!



  1. Hello dear nice outfit, but it depends on where one works, you cannot wear a facinator to office, it doesn't seem right. Anyway nice

  2. Ella...lemme I want your top and skirt. :D

  3. Anon 10:43 am, I totally agree with you, a fascinator on a work outfit, naaaaa, I don't tnk so.


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