Friday, October 18, 2013

Polkadot Through!

I'm sure you think I'm wearing a dress! Lol.. But no! It's a midi skirt and a top. Remember I said I was gonna do this? I had longed waited for a Polka dot shoes but I do not like the ones I see around. So I matched the outfit with a black sandal. Can you dare this patterned through?

Please mail me a picture when you do. And for those that have mailed me their outfit inspired by my blog, we love you! And you will be featured soon.

Outfit details available with Black Armani. Please disregard old pin and add his new pin on: 25B4DE4A, phone number remain same. Tell a friend!

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Looking fabulous as always!for dz of us dt dont have the phone number nko?biko help me wt d number asap!thanks in anticipation :)

  2. Ella oh!so u did ur wedding and u didn't call us 2eat rice anyway dats by d way!dis outfit is cute!and d sandals I've got those in bule and red but after I wear dem 4long hrs dey hurt like hell.

    1. Thanks dear! But wedding bawo?? Lolz. Ya'all would def know when the time comes. Don't be too in a haste for ojere *lolz*

  3. are always on point...

  4. Okay ella oh!I rest my case abt d rice ish!*big grin*u didn't say anytin abt ur sandals does it hurt too after long hrs?anyway I love your bloggggg!!!

  5. Lovely. OmogeArewaHOF

  6. really nice outfit.

  7. very lovely combination. nice one


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