Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Meek n Mild...

Please dont blame my photographer... He works better with the sun! Lol.. Im just kidding incase you are reading this... Lol..

I got this yet another so foamy skirt and matched it with a top. Everyone will think its a dress... I want to give up on chiffon tops but the detail on the shoulder of this got me.

Top and skirt from DGL
Shoe from Zara 

Ella Mo.


  1. Nice post and lovely outfits, please could you enlarge your pictures a little, i really do love your blog but the outfit will look clearer if the pictures are a little bit enlarged. Thanks and keep looking gorgeous

  2. Thank you Yetunde. I have no idea on how to go about that using a laptop. They always come big when using my phone. Id be glad if u kindly put me through. Cheers

    1. Hiya! What's your email address? I'll let you know how to sort it out...just figured it out recently too :)

    2. ok, when you upload your pictures on your post, just click on it, then you will see a pop up showing, large xtra large and so on. you can click on extra large or large to make it enlarged. I know when you upload it comes out large out first then this small so you just have to click on extra large or large. I hope this helped. Thank you.

    3. Hi Love,
      My email is ellamoyo@gmail.com.

      Yetunde dear, thanks for always checking. I have never noticed a pop up showing that, but il be on the look out. Meanwhile, id relay whatever Fashion Enthusiast sends through aswell.

      Thanks guys!

  3. Nice outfit. Was gonna complain abt the picture size too. I have no idea how to but if u can get an IT staff at work or a friend, that'll be great.

  4. Advise,don't tak it personal,I don't think dis ur hairstyle did justice to ur look,I will prefer u change d hair,I ve seen pretty hairstyle on.tnks

  5. Wow! Pretty. Is it my eyes coz it looks like u slimmed down! I think the excercise is really working. Keep it up. Nice blog, wonderful personality and cute girl. I love the colour play. Take care

  6. Love the outfit and the colour is just fine



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