Thursday, May 8, 2014


The plight of nearly 300 Nigerian school girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram terrorist organization has gone too tragedy! I just watched a very disturbing video where they buried one of the girls alive! And stoned to death thereafter! I fell on my knees and cried!!! Then i started asking myself this questions!

Why has no protest been held in Bornu state?
Why has WAEC kept quite over identity of the missing girls?
Why is SHETTIMA's wife organizing the state women for their cameras?
Why is the school principal giving conflicting stories?
Why did the principal go alone to the meeting summoned by Patient Jonathan?
Where is Governor SHETTIMMA of Bornu State?
Why should CAN release the state of the missing girls when they are neither the achool or the authority and now requesting for 50million for each girls???
Why has Jonathan not summon Shettima,and the senators??? The security of the citizens is solely in their hands!

And finally! Why are Nigerians making unneccessary jokes out of this? Its not worth it!

Join the advocate #bringbackourgirls# Prayer is what we need! Fast all you can! Pray all can! Cry all you can! I am holding on to God's word.....

"Mercy said No! Im not going to let them go! Im not going to let them slip away! We ought not to be afraid"..Life and death has now stood face to face! Darkness has stolen alot of lives and our girls away! The wait is over God! We are now afraid! Be mercifull to we your people! Be merciful!!!!


                         Ella Mo.


  1. I just heard of the video and I don't think i want to watch it, you have almost same question as i do. But I put myself in the shoes of their mothers and I think Nigerians should stop joking about it, that really hurts. I am joining this campaign too. We need good news in Nigeria enough of this bad news. Nice post and I love how you enlarged your pictures now, your blog is awesome ella

  2. a good one there Ella. We are all one and I am with Nigerians in prayers

  3. God help nigeria nd save the lives of those girls


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