Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hawt Stylish Sun glasses

Cat Eye Glasses can achieve with several brand shades and colors through all online retailers. Several colors and shades of cat eye glasses are easy to find and are flattered all around the world. These cat eye glasses are very helpful to provide complement personality. In specific brands of cat eye sunglasses fashion, Ray Ban, Prada and Gucci are most famous.

    See who's rocking some bad ass stunt shades! hheheehehehehehe! dont ask me who!!!*tongue out*

The hottest trend this season is the half frame shade, these cutting edge frames are a great way to freshen up your style. I always wear sunglasses whenever I go out. Not only does it protect my eyes from the glaring sun but it’s also a cool fashion statement. Here is how i wore mine:Come rain, come sunshine!!! Sun glasses rocks!!! Guys, throw some SHADE!!! get few of this items from:

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  1. Nice1, I rock sun glasses all the time,1 of my most worn fashion can never catch me without a sun glass in my bag or car. Wink"m

  2. I think I prefer ur blog's previous background?why did u change it,this background is too dark

    1. Bcos, na she get her blog! hahaha..But this is also nice naaa! *Ade

    2. Ade can u just shut up? The person is still thinking as you can see, so let her finish! *Queen

  3. Ade!!!! Lmao!!! I love the new background tho...Looks Evil*


  5. Awww! Just tot I gave it a different look. Lolz! U guys tho! Ok I'll change it if the demands pends! #hugs!

  6. Why you wear shade inside house?Abeg o no yab me ooo...Na question I ask ooo.
    Ade I know say na you get mouth pass for here.
    No vess ooo


  7. Excellent range of eye wears I really like your blog. Sunglasses for Men

  8. Some glasses I like a lot from these pictures.

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