Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mercedex Hairs!!!:::The Hairs that makes a statement!!

French WaveCEO MERCEDEX HAIR, Onyeukwu Onyinye is your Urban chick when it comes to beautifying your hair, which is your crown and beauty.She was born November 24th, and she is a lawyer! heheheheheh! So better be mindful what content of comment you drop, i don talk my own o! lol... She has been into this business as far back as 2008.
She says in an interview with her that, "When i relocated to Nigeria from the states, i discovered that its only synthetics our saloons have for sale, so i thought to myself, why not buy original human hair and start selling to saloons, so our beautiful Nigerian women can atlast look what they see in American movies. I see loads of sexy hot ladies, gorgeously dressesd, carrying LV Bags, and yet the hair they have on are cheap synthetics! I personally took up the challenge to better a better Nigeria doll!
Sounds interestiing innit? Onyinye studied Law in Abia State University, though she practised few years but left it because she loves the mirrow as the hair makes you love the mirro *in her voice*...lol..

Jerri Curl Lacewig
Custom made Lacewig

Crystal Waves

Human Hair Braids
Your crowing glory as a lady is your hair, which also takes us to Martin Luther the King's statement " Hair is the richest ornament of woman" so lets MERCEDEX HAIRS, give you the 100% original human hair today!!!!
Crystal Curls
French Waves

Boy-Cut Lacewig
Silk Baser
Silk Straight Mangolian
The above hair is the weave frontals,braids,closures,mangoline hair,spanish hair,peruvian hair,venuzuela hair....and the list continues! But what WOW'SSSS me about her hair is the fact that you can customize your hair to your own taste! Just order, name the colour,texture,length and whatever have you!

hehehehehehe! oya calm down...your body just dey do you, 'ella abeg shut up give us her contact"..lol..HERE YOU GO DOLLS!!

I just got my own closure! wud send you picture asap! Do drop your POLITE feedbacks below:


  1. Lmao @ Polite comment! i feel you jere. Im in love with boy cut lace wig. pls how much?

  2. hi dear. Please check banner on the homepage of the blog or see details on this post. Thanks.

  3. Good One nw we av d right info on hair

  4. HBD 2 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!January 15, 2013 at 8:21 PM

    Mercenwa u r 2 much,d sky is ur limit my darlyn,luv ur hair gurl...buy mercedex hair cos its all 100% virgin hair,no shedding n no tangling,ve bn her customer since 2010.

  5. Sure thing Mercedex hair is the best. Got one last month and I just don't feel like taking it off. Indeed no shedding or tangles. It can not be compared with any of my hairs.

  6. How is d order and delivery process?

    1. Hi dear, just put a call through, she will explain in details. Cheers!

  7. I love Ella! This is her still using Toun's picture even after everything. Pure maturity!


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