Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAIR BY BEE'S ROOTS....Let your hair make a statement...

Abimbola hair is really ideal, weavy, bouncy,curly and very full...ive been her customer since 2010, and i have no single regret ever buying all my hair from her. 1 first got the first set of brazillian hair from her in 2010, and believe me im still rocking the hair in 2012!!! Thats enough good news...I got another Peruvian and i love it, ive tinted to various colour and i still use till date..

I got another Spanish hair...My God...theres never a place that i avent gone that i do not get atleast 10 compliments...im sure some reader that are my friend can testify to this,....then i gor another 12Inch Peruvian, and i still use till date..

I got another straight Peruvian last year September, i travelled and was on a train, the whites standing behind me kept saying 'CAN I JST HAVE THIS HAIR"?LOL...They wish...

Now let see the beautiful faces of her client, who has rocked her hair and still does...Enjoy!

Above is SPANISH HAIR... I personally love the looks...

The above is SOUTHAMERICAN HAIR....Im so buying this...hehehehehe!

And above is Peruvian Hair...i do personally have a flare for it...

Right avove is VENEZUELA hair...sounds like my name...lol...this haie is awesome! im thinking now, Im just an oliver...lol...

Right Above is ITALIAN HAIR....

Above is Diva's rocking ARGENTINA HAIR.... They are simply glamme and amazing, they are indeed the beauty of ladies....I also got quite some number of hair from Bimbo...see mine below:
 Im rocking my Peruvian Hair here...winks
 Im rocking my curly Peruvian hair here too...whoop!
 Im rocking my Venuzuela hair here...love it mucheo!
 Im rocking my spanish hair on here...I look like a black America babe...lol..but true!
 Heres my ever first Peruvian i talked about, its abot 3years now and m still rocking and tinting in various colours i want...U gotta be kiding if u aint buying from BEE'S ROOT!
 My Brazilian Hair...still ravishing and it 4years now...
 My Peruvian Hair...

And my 5years old mixed brazillian and peruvian hair...

Hair  is indeed the root of beauty...I know some Economics mind that says how can i buy a hair for 50k? 80k? 70?...Darling i can prove right to you that u have spent more than in 4years buying synthetics...when u should ive gone for one of this and rock 5-6years and tint to varities of colour....

Now im sure some people are excited...Now kill it: Contact CEO HAIR BY BEE'S ROOTS
Bimbo is a pleasant and an understanding lady...patient and considerate in price...So start the adding and calling and GET THE LOOK!!!

Drop your feedback below....


  1. Yea,they all look really fab..I have also bought brazillian,peruvian,Spanish and venezuelan hair from bee's root, always a beauty to behold..I get compliments from everyone everywhere I go.I'm a bit pained my picture didn't make the photo gallary sha...hehehehehehe

    1. Hey doll..
      Bimbo actually emailed me a lot of pictures, but some format didn't conform with my laptop picture power...big zzz Geh, Im sure u use an iPhone 20..... Lol...wanna be like u...so I can buy dat laptop dat will open such mighty pictures...sorry abt dat dear...hugs#

  2. Yes yes....that's mr under the Spanish hair. Her hair is one of a kind. She shd get an award for it.

  3. Ella mo pls can u give us a likely price for each of the hair?

    1. Hello dear, the prices varies...more reason why I feel the need you call or add her up...like I said, she's accessible and her prices are friendly. Cheers darl.

  4. Abimbola's hair is truly beautiful and absolutely durable. I'm a regulator customer with her and I've never had any issues with the hair she's sold to me. I would recommend her hair any day! �� Get yours now! ��

  5. Wow! Thanks Ella. I'm so adding her right now. U are doing a great job babe. Forward ever.

  6. Does she visit abuja or deliver nationwide?

  7. Hi dear,Yes she delivers nationwide. Do contact her. Cheers

  8. I just got my hair from her and I love it. Ella well done, you are really a style star.


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