Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Reverse Pattern

So long are the days, when wearing a pattern on paatter, print ob print, stripe on stripe, pokoa dot on poaka dots....and the list continues.

It takes agreat lot of courage to pull this stunt, and one has to be very very careful not to cause a fashion blunder. Altho its a very easy combination, one do not even need to go buying new clothes to try this, just search through your wardrobe, theres one clothe or the other you will fall on and make out with this vogue.

I wore mine: The pattern tup is a  very long time and about 4years now, the pant is new thou, i matched them up together and someone asked me if i were wearing a jumpsuit. I wore a black jacket over it and black court shoes.

Here i wore a Stripe tup and a stripe midi skirt and wore a jacket made by Esosa on it, its alot beautifyl and i moved heads this day! hehehehehehehe

You can even rock this trend in sewed fabrics, Look how the above models wore theirs.

YES!! You can rock yours too! Its bringing back the "60s and getting all glammed up...

Hope you all having a gud day? Do drop your comments below: Chao!


  1. Ohhhhh myyyyyy gezzzzz! I'm so trying this! Ella u rock!

  2. Nyc kip it up swit

  3. AaaaaaAaaaaaaargh! Pls na! Dis 1 post a day no b am ooooo! Like I keep checking back errytym if u v posted somtin new. More posts plsssssssss! U look lovely.

    Do u type in a hurry??? 2 many Errors ooo :s

    1. Hello Manita, many at times i check my blog and i say to myself, i cant wait for that oneday to drop my resignation letter and face my passion squarely...i work day and night, eye heavy and back at work with backlogs...Well dont me bore you, it can only get better! Il work on it and bring you atleast twice in a day..with no typo dis you


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