Monday, January 21, 2013

PRINTS! -Trend so Tribal!!

Recently, tribal prints have hit the shops. Leggings, dresses and accessories are the ways you are going to get yourself noticed with this trend, and you don’t need to visit Africa in order to fit in with the trend. Wherever you are, this trend will make you feel like the sun is shining


The all over printed tops are a perfect bridge between the t shirt and casual shirt in ss12. The jersey versions with collars are an up to the minute alternative to the classic polo shirt. The bolder the print the better.

Fashion takes an exotic turn with an explosion of tribal looks.

Spot It: The tribal trend consists of strong, graphic prints (black and white graphics mixed with darker prints is a recognizable element) combined with warm, earthy tones (black, browns, deep reds and oranges) and natural accents (straw, wood). Safari looks usually have a khaki jacket, belted with front pockets.

Wear It: Because the prints are often oversized and strong, they work best on simple shapes (shift dress, tunic) or in soft, draped fabrics (cotton gauze). Natural accents -- a wood armful of bangles or a beaded cuff -- or matte (not shiny) metallics set off the look perfectly.
Here is how i wore my prints:

My sister rocked hers in a shirt and the CEO DGL STORES, rocked hers in pant so you can def get this from her....
Im feeling this trend guys!!! Its so tribal and timeless!!! Check Biddy's Mondo, DGL Stores and Tenny Sleek Online Shopping. They all gat the vogue!! Pls see banners on the blog for details.

Its a busy Monday morning for me at work.....Av a beautiful week!!!


  1. Dear Madam Ella tanks for this post. Please more fashion tips :p. Too much shop my look biko. Lots of Love #EllaFC :D

  2. Not well said miss: if she quits or seldomely does,where do we know where to buy them?

  3. Ella,where is the picture of Ade and Queen rocking the tribal look?!

    1. Ella no go won do am! Hahahah! Nothingspoil mehn! I dey Westminster, Ella says she's coming around soon, so all readers will hang out with D blogger @ #Governor's hehehehehe! So u shall see me live!!!

    2. Errmm, Ade and I are fighting @ d moo! So pls go to Ella's facebook, u shall see a picture of her with a guy in the snow,crossing hands over one another's! Dats d Almighty Ade! *shootme!

  4. Lovely post,I'll get one of where do u work madam? We wanna knw more abt u :D

    1. She works with CAT. Big woman rolling in money!

    2. Oma ga o! We didn't knw Ella now has a spokesman! Uncle bloggerlord88 ki lo fa'oshi? *in wizkid's voice*

  5. Hallos....

    Crazy day it was, lolololol..Ade, Queen, Nothingspoil and im not going to put maot in ya mara's oh...*nw dragging my hears* Thank you all....


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