Monday, June 9, 2014

A Flare for Bottom Flared

The love I have for flared bottoms! I really cannot tell. Oh well this dress is short for work! Lol.. I'm looking forward to wearing once more to a party. 
Flared in skirts, dresses and even tops are so in now.. And I love it. 

Dress from DGL
Shoe by Zara from Sunmer Trendz
Bag by Michael Kors from LPS

Have a great week guys! 

Ella Mo.


  1. The dress is really pretty, wonder if they have my size

  2. Gorgeous, nicely coordinated but ella, that bulge needs some serious work

    1. Send that concern to her personal message and off this place. Not nice at all

  3. That dress is everything, nice picture quality. Did you cut your dreds? You look amazing between

  4. Dis dress looks better on you than anyone else I have seen in it.


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