Monday, June 2, 2014

Crochet Insert Dress....


 I know my take on Asos dresses is off on the hook! Well, who wouldn't? Debra's Grace is so fast selling! i mean out of all the outfits i posted recently, this is the only lucky dress that didn't let me down... If this as well happens to you, then we are in same shoes... I'm glad i own this, and i guess its still available.

Dress is available at DGL: Yaba, Lagos.
Posh Apparel's: Agungi Lekki, Lagos.
LaideFash Store, Abuja.

Please see banner on the blog homepage for full details of stores.

Ella Mo.

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  1. You look stunning and the bag is just fine

  2. awww! i love the way it looks on you. now regretting why i ddnt pick it when i visited their store. running back to get mine....hehehe

    P.S.....I Heart Ur Blog!!!!!!!!!! ....and i love ur style. i suck at matching colors but u & ur blog ve been my reliable guide ..... thanks for helping without even knowing it....

  3. The dress looks cute on you, I just checked asos website and the dress does not look appealing has it looks on you, love your pics.

  4. That lace panel at the hem is triple cute.


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