Friday, December 14, 2012

Camouflage In Style....

Hi Divas , lets talk about Camouflage..... I’m sure you remember certain things that you loved as a child and that brings back a wave of nostalgia after a mere mention. camo print/plain short, pants, denim, jackets,some short skirt and shorts we call combats... the list goes on, but I am most nostalgic about clothes. Big surprise! As a little girl, I still remember the Camouflage denim shorts with floral ruffles, my favorite colored Vans and Converses, and of course, the “skort”! So of course I was ecstatic to find this short at Zara Site a few months ago. This skort is asymmetrical with a modern edge, definitely an upgrade from my floral skort I wore so many years ago. Needless to say, I am a happy girl in this today. What is your favorite childhood item? Not surprisingly, Vogue Magazine picked up on the utility of camouflage prints in 1943. Before this, the camo print was used solely for literal camouflage purposes in war, and was then transformed into a reoccurring and popular fashion trend.
This season, camouflage has made its return by returning from the battlefield and becoming couture. In other words, now is the time to raid your grandfather’s hunting gear and transform it into something fashionable and wearable.

I got my first taste of this season’s camo a couple months ago when I went shopping. I found a fantastic camo jacket with bedazzled jewels covering the collar.  I instantly fell in love with how chic it looked, especially when camo has the potential to look like it belongs on your brother’s action figure t-shirts and pajama bottoms.
After I saw the jacket, I started to see camo subtly making its appearance in fashion blogs, malls, online shops and magazines. I then began to wonder how I could incorporate camo into my wardrobe...

And here's how i wore mine;

Camouflage Studded Shirt by Zara
Pant by Primark
Shoe by H&M

Plain Camouflage Shirt by
Pant by H&M
Shoe by Primark

Camo jacket by: Jel
Jean by: Jel
Belt by: Jel
Bag: Hermes
Boot by: Jel

Red Jacket by H&M
Leggings by H&M
Shoe by Mango

Here's how my friend rocked her's
 She sure looks smashing in it.

Even Celebrities rock this trend too

Drake Had is Camo Pant on with a jumper and  it looked nice
Chris had his Camo short on looking hotter than ever
Riri hmmm what can i say she's a fashionista & Lala looked nice in her Camo pant.

Zara online has this Pyjama Camo Bottoms and the Camo Chiffon, but its alot limited.

Dolls, im feeling the falls Camouflage trend! Get the look!


  1. Weldone Ella, pls where can I get the chiffon camo? Its oh my God!!! #Kike

    1. Hi Kike. Zara has, but I'm not completely sure about the stock coz it very limited. If you are in Nigeria, u can only surf stores.

  2. Ok where did you get your own plain Camo jacket and the camo shirt? #kike

    1. I got the plain Jacket over a year ago at Network Store in S/Africa, and the pattern camo shirt in Zara(sent a friend in London) xoxo...

  3. Yea, we killed it!!!

  4. Hmmmm. Like the Lara Croft Look. I say Jay-z in camo pants and timberlands last week on a blog. Looking for End of year bonus money to step-up too. Wink**

  5. Nyc camouflage Zara Top

  6. Go wear am for road if soldier no go flog u tell u make u do frog jump

  7. I really love something about this chic,she is so down to earth stating the exact labels,not hyping primark things to be zara,dp,topshop like some fake gals do.Thumbs up gal!!!


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