Monday, December 31, 2012

Appreciating my Client and my motivators...

How i wish words can give me credence, yo express the way i feel right about now.I give thanks to the Almighty God, i havent gone too far, and i have a huge success already. If im allowed to keep writing, il write and write till next year...lolol..but true. God goodness, love, mercy and compassion can not be overemphasized in my life...Im a living testimony that HE IS ALIVE... Thank God for been ever faithful..I know you are reading this...THANK YOU!
After God created me, he said, Ella you can be going to get you a partner, and he gave me a very wonderful man..a man of distinct value, a friend, a father and my small god...he is my driving force...He said to me, Baby Fashion is your Strength, ill support you in anyway...and indeed, he did...Prince Adenugba Olusegunmi Farooq...The story of my life, will never be completed without a paragraph about you.. God bless u
AMy appreciation to Anuoluwa Teniola....She would say to me then, Ella get be the blogger...Ella start blogging, stop wasting another verg big motivator..Luv you to the moon Sistter

Adunola Egbeyemi...When i started blogging, Adun was my first blog designed it just like she did her blog..and she went going all emotional when i did change the design to give it a new look, which shows she care..right back at you baby...pls visit her blog on how to keep your hair natural, simple and glamme. Her Blog - Tzipporahskinks
Now its my own very blog adviser...Omolara me Bello...Ella im busy, il check it soon..Ella its freezing here, i cant wake up now...and at the end, she still tries her best and visit my request..Lara is a fashionista...but online me, she doesnt believe in trends, she likes to pull her own thingie fashionwise..i love her to bits..thanks baby...Her Blog - Fashionista's Boudoir

Mo Gold ...Mots of life! my very good no nonsense fashionister..Ella pls dat a no no for me...pls i hate that thing called denim..i love her alot, the condemnation i get from her makes me sit up...her contribution to my blog is unforgetable...Thank u Mots...

Some people are God sent to you...Omosalewa is the next Linda Ikeji..her blog is jist, entertainment and Fashion...She believes in me when in comes to the fashion world.. and this i pledge not to fall her visit her blog - Aomosale
. Thank you Salewa.
This goes to my client..Thank you from the depth of my heart..thank you thank you..u all have been happy working with this wonderful people...they have a wonderful company and person..Good business minds and have lotta fashonable trends for sale...Check the mobile versoin on phone and check out their banner advert on the blog for your ideal fashion needs....God meet you at the point of your needs my awesome client..YOU ALL ROCK!!!!

CEO Diva's Bourdior...Bless you!
CEO Debra's Grace Limited..DGL..God bless you.

CEO House Of Fashion...Bless you..

CEO..Examples Clothings..God bless you.
CEO Glamme Hair and Make Up...Allah bless..

CEO Hair By BEE'S ROOT...God bless you...

CEO RUBY'S PLACE...God bless you.

CEO POSH RAWYALTY...Thank you...


Thank you all for been a part of me..May Almight God in his infinite goodness, make this year for us all...May all our intentions and heart desires be accepted and anwsered by God...I LOVE YOU ALL.
Thank you again and again...I wish u a prosperous New year in a bit...

Bless up Gee's!


  1. Your appreciation has intoxicated me a bit tonight. Your character, talent, hard work and dedication deserves all the support it can get. U are a true Diva interested people, so its an easy hobby for me to be interested in u. Keep up the good work "honeybun". Happy New Year Daily Fashion Tips. Farooq Adenugba

  2. Thank you, God bless u Al'Rofia... May Allah's blessings continue to be upon you& Urs now and forever.... Love u. Hun

  3. ...And she just gave me a teary eye...i love u more than u can ever imagine hun...and i know u have way much more to offer this coming year..God will continue to enrich you with all that you need to make this a suceess...(@ least this one blog i take time to look @) Mo Gold

  4. Ella we love you more..Thank you too. Happy new year

  5. awwwww..thanks ella greater things to come for us all this new year..GOD bless us all..Amen..

  6. Ella, I thought you were loved just in the office. You are even much appreciated by your other friends..I must say I'm impressed. I'm positive your are Gina go places this year...congrats in adavance...I respect you in all ways. Stay focused. Wilson.

  7. Ellaaaaaa Mo...ku ise ore...Oluwa ma aw Pelu e. Zainab

  8. Ella I didn't know u in school, but u are a kind hearted and very understanding lady. I enjoyed working with you. And ur generosity counts. I owe it to you this year. Cheers. HOF

  9. She is indeed a wonderful lady. We celebrate you. Your colleague, Roland.

  10. Hello is a wonderful person with one of the strongest personality I know..we love and appreciate you more..I know this new year shall mark the begining of a huge success in your life IJN..

  11. OMG....I'm sincerely in tears...Yes! Tears of joy...All this on me? My days!!! Thank you everyone...thank you..didn't know I meant this much to each and everyone...awwwww....I'm tearing my clothes! No! No!! No!!! I need to toast to this...ese pupo...God bless you all...

  12. Ella is a wonderful person with one of the strongest personality I know,we love and appreciate you more..I know this new year shall mark the begining of a huge success in your life IJN..

  13. You got all our love baby! Rubys.

  14. Ella u see u dnt need me @ d end of d day. U r doin a fabulous Job. Love u too sis kip wowing us. Tennie

  15. Ella u are d best so happy working along side of u u delivered in 2012 and I know 2013 will be greater love d shop my look idea its great it fabulous its works thanks Blacky Armani Fashion

  16. Avnt met u Ella but Tenni gist me loads about u, u r indeed a 1daful nd hardworking lady. God bless the work of ur hand. Keep it up, the sky is just a starting point for u. Love from me

  17. Awww Ella! Thanks for incorporating me in ur blog and appreciating me God bless will continue to do wonders! God bless...oxoxoxoxo..Adun

  18. Amen amen amen amen amen and amen.....thank you everyone...I love u all....I truly do.

  19. Ella, U̶̲̥̅̊ are simply the best, putting smiles on all faces, U̶̲̥̅̊ are the best, U̶̲̥̅̊ rock, voted Best Personalty of the yr by mε̲̣̣̣̥, Holla


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