Monday, December 31, 2012

Guess wats rocking?..Natural Nails---Simple & Healthy


"Treat them like jewels, not tools," says Michael Cavo, National Director of Education for Nailtiques, a company dedicated to the development and maintenance of healthy, natural nails. Beautiful nails are always in style and "while some women may never leave their home without color on their nails, today's fashion dictates nails should be worn shorter and natural."

Naturally beautiful nails are easy to acquire by following five simple steps:

1. Hydrate your nails - "Hydration keeps the nail soft and pliable which is important to nail growth and makes them stronger," says Cavo. Massage cuticles with a good oil or cream such as Nailtiques Oil Therapy or Cuticle & Skin Gel, once a day to improve circulation and make nails grow.

2. Cuticles - Push back cuticle using a damp orange stick wrapped with a cotton ball. "Never use metal as it may scratch nail and cause damage," says Cavo. "Cut off hang nails but never actually remove cuticle as it is a barrier that prevents bacteria from entering the body."

3. File Nails - Proper filing with a high grit file is best for natural nails. Sponge files are a good choice, diamond is too abrasive," says Cavo. "They should be filed in a 'squoval' shape - square across and softly rounded on the corner." File in one direction from the outside edge to the center. Avoid filing deep into the corners. Finally, align all the layers by holding the file vertically on the free edge of nail and bevel down. "This prevents nail fraying and polish from chipping," says Cavo. In addition to filing, you should clip the ends of your nails every 4-6 weeks using a pair of nail nippers. Just like hair, trimming nails makes ends thick.

4. Use a base coat - If you use enamel, never apply it directly to nails. Begin with a good base coat such as Nailtiques Nail Protein, which actually helps make nails stronger and more flexible. "A base coat provides for better adhesion, nourishes and protects the nail," says Cavo.

5. Use a top coat - A top coat such as Nailtiques Nail Protein protects polish from chipping and

I always love to keep my nails just like i analyzed see what they look like below:

I aIways love when i see ladies with their natural nails and not the usual acrylics and plastic...Do not get me wrong, artificial nails attached are beautiful, but i personally will love it for occasions, coz i believe everything alive in us needs breathe, so our nails needs breath to come alive in beauty, growth and hygiene..

So so Ladies, keep it natural and simple....Av a gud day and drop your feedback...


  1. Thank u for all d good works done in 2012. Its a pleasure knowing u and bringing customers to us. I know 2013 will be wonderful. Happy New Year in advance from Blackky Armani Fashion

    1. Thank you for working with me too! Thank u again!


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