Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Dog Tooth Trend: Classic and Chic!

Hi Divas...welcome to my world where you will find exclusive tips about fashion and  Beauty. Less Talk more Fashion: DOG TOOTH.
The Dog Tooth trend is another classic style that continuously pops up in our fashion radar. The simple black & white print can be worn as it is or easily teamed up with a pop of color for added flair. Here are several ways to rock your Dog Tooth 
Lady Gaga went HAM with her Dog tooth & Riri Kept it chic and simple with her shoe
Gwen Stefani looking fabulous in her blazer

The wait is over... here are 3 different ways  of styling your dog tooth outfits
Dress By Asos
Bag by Zara
Court Heel by Mango

 Blazer by
Top by H&M
Skirt by River Island
Shoe by Christian Louboutin

  Top byAsos
Peplum Skirt by River Island
Court Heel by H&M
Get the perfect smart look in Dogtooth style piece .This is the perfect piece to create a confident and coordinated look. It adds a beautiful finishing touch, it's distinctive, unique and different piece for your wardrobe. It sure the trend now! 

I killed it right  *Big Grin*. Now that's how to rock the dog tooth trend. 
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  1. And @last! Ella is doing what she knows best! Congrats!

  2. Lol...she's just a Toun Ajiboye wanna be!!! U look great though..

    1. Hehehehe. Thanks for the compliments tho.

    2. You are who you are my strong black lady! Don't let early haters ruin your blog.I love the fact that you even posted this comment. This being should die hating. Weldone my good friend. #Funke

    3. And how sure are you that Toun Ajiboye is not a wanna be??

  3. Madam Funke, pls the wanna be meant is just literary and not the dissing one! I.e Linda Ikeji wanna b,Bella Naija wana be and co! Its too early to be attacking one another alrdy.

  4. D sky is ur starting point my lady

  5. Have been following what you do for a bit now, I genuinely get tips from your advice. Am silently stalking you now. Loool. Good job

  6. Ella Gud 1...we need more

  7. ok i dint kno wu toun ajiboye was but now i kno and i visited her blog and most of ella's topics wer the same guess u guys are friends and share ideas and all..Just try to b unique with urs ella..wish u the best..Please visit my blog guys.. thanks..


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