Monday, December 17, 2012

Real men wear the Skinny & Woven Ties....

In today's men's fashion world, the big picture is all about the little things: shoes, socks, belts, watches. But the biggest piece of the accessory puzzle is the littlest-or skinniest-of them all: the skinny tie.

In another move toward retro fashion, men's skinny and woven ties have seen a resurgence over the last five years that has vaulted the skinny tie from an urban chic look to the standard in many scenes across Hollywood, New York and everywhere in between.

The look was made popular in the 1960s and 70s and continued on within the more punk rock, street grunge crowd into the 90s. Time magazine credits the widening of the standard necktie to Ralph Lauren in the 70s, a look that has burrowed itself in American corporate culture and generally stayed there.

But beginning in 2007, many of the biggest names in fashion started making the skinnyand the woven tie a mainstay, says New York-based stylist Joe Jacobs, who credits Justin Timberlake with helping the skinny tie get its launch.

Five years later the trend is still going strong and Jacobs says that a skinny tie can be utilized on a full spectrum of looks, but only if it's done right.

"Any button down fitted woven shirt with a moderately skinny collar is appropriate," Jacobs advises. But he cautions against "ties over a t-shirt or under a buttoned blazer with no skirt. I know-it sounds awful-but I've seen [that look] on many guys and it's definitely a fashion 'don't!'"

Another 'don't' was noted by the Wall Street Journal's Jason Chow in 2010, who wrote that larger-built guys tend to shy away from skinny ties for good reason. "Skinny ties tend to work on lean bodies, which is why Hollywood celebrities and wiry punk rockers from the 1970s can pull them off," Chow noted. "It's also why you never see NFL linemen wearing them."

Jacobs assured us that all width of ties-sans the Lauren-inspired 4-inch disasters-are "still appropriate" with the proper suit or outfit, meaning a wider shirt collar always calls for a wider tie. And if you're wearing a Mad Men-inspired, slim-fitting suit or jacket, a skinny tie goes much better with that get-up to complete the look.

 As for skinny ties for this summer? Jacobs says to "go for a knit tie with bold bright horizontal stripes." His favorite brands include J. Crew, Top Man, All Saints, Rugby and Brooks Brothers.

And if you want to keep with the 400-year tradition of the tie, honor today's trendy skinny and not spend on name-brand looks, there's, which offers options as low as $14.

The length of the tie, Jacobs says, must always just cover the belt buckle or pants button and-if the look is ultra casual-let shirt tails flap over the pants and keep the tie at the same length.

"For today's look, my favorite woven tie is at All Saints," Jacobs says. It's easy: they only have one option! It's simple with a square cut bottom, which sets it apart from the traditional triangle bottom."


                                                           Farooq rocking a Slim tie by Next
                                                    Wilson rocking a Slim Tie by Woolworth

                                                      Clemen rocking a Woven Tie by M&S  

They really do look smashing in their Slim ties.....Rock you own too Charle!
...You love ties but dont know how to knot them? or you never used a tie before? or you dont get that shape you desire whenever u knot one? Here is for you, follow each step and get the look! av a great week guys! Drop your comment below.


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