Sunday, December 16, 2012

Denim Affairs...A Forever Trend

                                                 Jeans shirts are unique garments mainly made in the well-known fabric called denim. Unlike what people think, the origin of this strange fabric is very old, even medieval, when fustian shirt samples were chosen for their tough fibers and their wear resistance properties. Later, around the middle of the ninetieth century, a certain Mr. Levi Strauss, who produced trousers for miners, was looking for a fabric with the same characteristics. He began importing the blue coloured serge de Nimes, now well-known by the name of denim, which means: "from Nimes’ town".

As a matter of fact, the denim simply comes from fustian, a cotton fabric with a twill weave. As far as the colour is concerned,  jeans show a typical indigo tone, resulting from a colouring originated from plants, generally used in manufacturing. On the other hand, its more or less evident shades of colour are due to the different finishing of woven fabrics. Jeans shirt are suitable for women and men of all ages and they are tight-fitting in every season.

Like all the most worn clothes, jeans shirts have been worn from time to time for different reasons: at first, by factory workers, then by young people after the second world war, not as casual clothes. After that they were worn by the flowers’ children during the seventies as a symbol of comfort and practicality. Nowadays, jeans shirts are alternating ups and downs, periods of good and bad fortune. Everything considered, we suggest you always have some jeans shirts ready in your wardrobe! YES! I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A LECTURER Lets check out the different ways to match the denims below. Enjoy!

Above picture is how to rock your Denim on Fabric...i love the way Dolapo Oni matched hers with an adire, how Abiola Moyo matched hers with damask and how Farooq Adenugba mached his with Daviva.. They nailed it!

 Here is how to match your Denim with Coloured Denims, My denim tup is by Veraz And Mustard Bottom by Primark. I also matched it with  black Linen pant by Primark, Stonewash Denim by Mango flats by Priamark and bag by Zara.
All theses are the Dressy Denims..So Casual and Classy, im sorry i had to munch a long time ago, lol..*cover face* The dress is by FOSCHINI

                                                   Heres how to rock your denim on Maxis.

 Here is how to rock your denim on demin....Although, some call it  fashion blunder, coz they feel it appears quite absurd...but i remember growing up then...for big girls like me...hahahahaha..*bragfree*. during Christmas, if im lucky to get denim as a Christmas clothe, den its all denim and i step out and my friends tell their mum..."mum, i want Ella's type of clothe next christmas"..hehehehe.. Therefore, i do not think its a fashion blunder, i just feel its as old as man, and aceint fashion is the vogue now.

Denim can also be worn with a cotton, silk, velvet, plaine or pattern designers e.g, Camo... I wore mine with a silk skirt by Newlook, Denim by H & M, and flats by Buberry.  And Yes!!! i know my beautiful friend FAXIE...killed it below...winks*                                                                                                                                  Get the look!!!!!                                                        Drop ur comment below...XOXO...


  1. Wow I love thumbs up to u ella u rock

  2. Ella, U̶̲̥̅̊ are making us stand on our toes, fashion tinz, U̶̲̥̅̊ rock babes

  3. Nyc nd vry gorgeous, Ella swit u rock am glad I no u

  4. I'm glad guys!!! Thank u thank u!!!

  5. I like d way it looks with Ankara

  6. Hi,lovely blog. I have this jeans shirt, but the problem is ,its has a bra-like or cosset like thingy going on! Don't know ow to work around it. Haven't worn cos it brings attention to my boobies! Ow do I rock it? Thanks

    1. If its a light denim, put a blazer on it cheers


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