Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Celeb Inspired Look: Ella Flames VS Angelina Jolie : Who wore it best???

Yo people! Its Wednessday...hheheheh..sebi Friday is Hope we had a lovely holiday? Ok guys allow me clear the air...I got some mails from people saying some bloggers are copying me, some blogs are using words for words, take out my personal picture, using my exact segment topics...Oh well people! Anyone can get inspired by another, its no biggie. Yes reference would have been fine,but  hey!!we are in a free world too..Hope we are all cool now? Thank you anyways.

Ella my friend, my friend and my friend is the babe rocking todays segement. She made a look alike dress of Angelina Jolie to a wedding ceremony and see she killed it only if the photo was clear.

Ella my name sake killed it jooorrr....She wore it best, to think its tailored! AND if you feel otherwise or we are mind alike, drop a line below!

Do you want to grace this segment? Ok mail your picture to me!

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  1. Ella good job.Trust you to do better in this business.Thumbs up darling, you are a fashion icon,kisses* You know how we do it, wen it comes to fashion,i give it to my best friend Ella Mo' she can dress for d whole world.winks***

  2. ok Ella and Ella una come dey hail unaself abi,,ehen hen me i cannot decide yet sha but it sure fits Ella flames better..

  3. Of course Ella Mo! Ella(my bff) didn't just kill it, she buried it. U should have seen the shoes! That being said, I made the dress (lol) I know you doubt me Ella,y not ask Ella. Beautiful blog you got here I must say. I'm positive I'll frequent here cos good looks make my day

  4. She tried...the tailor or designer is on point...good job

  5. Awesome post. Angelina Jolie looks more stunning and gorgeous as always.


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