Sunday, April 7, 2013

Power Effect Shoulder in Jumpsuits

Hey Lovers! Hope we had a nice weekend? Sometimes last month, I and my Oga at the top were a year plus in courtship...So we had dinner...I wore this amazing mono strap power effect shoulder jumpsuit and I loved it! It so wrapped me up like I was a

Hope we are well informed that dungree's ( hope I got that spelling) is so back now! Mehn! I rocked that shit when I was a little is almost same but I must be getting one soonish!

Ok so back to the matter, I got this Jumpsuit from DGL ofcos! Few pieces are left, so HURRY!

Also, please make sure you keep up with the post this week, cox DGL is gon be popping up her new bangs! And oh yeah as an Ambassador ( I blush).... I'm gonna be pulling some of em on...

So guys, have a fabulous week ahead and BlessUp!!!


  1. Awww!!!!bellissmo

  2. hmmmmm dat Oga at the top cake was rweeeally tastyyy *wink wink*, gud job Ella! weldone!

  3. wow, very fine girl!

  4. Ur boo is so cute! Xx

  5. Hey, you look so sexy, I like your post, thanks for your sharing.

  6. GOTDAYUM!! Your booty is PERFECT! Such an incredible shape! U look amazing in those pants!


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