Friday, April 19, 2013

Fashionista Of The Week: Portia

Hi everyone! Its friday...Meet my Fashionista of the day...Portia,  A fashion blogger and a fashion lover. I came across her blog sometimes when she droped a comment on mine...Its a nice blog and quite informative. Lets meet Portia.


1. BASIC INFORMATION - Hi! My name's Portia, a recent graduate of Law from Abia State University. I started a Personal Style/Fashion blog ( to share my passion for fashion

2. APART FROM FASHION WHAT ELSE - Fashion's my first true love but if I have to cheat on Fashion, it would be with Music. I would also love to try acting.

3. GREATEST FASHION PET PEEVES - Indecency in the name of fashion.


5. WHAT CAN'T YOU BE CAUGHT DOING - Drinking alcohol

6. WHAT DO YOU ENJOY DOING - I love listening to music, reading novels, surfing the web and blogging

7. DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN A FEW WORDS - I'm a God fearing, Fashion loving, Trouble Making kinna girl. My lil slogan 'Cute in a Crazy way, Crazy in a Cute way'

8. WHAT FASHION ITEM CAN'T YOU GO WITHOUT - Shoes! And a splash of statement pieces of jewellery.

9. ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT MY BLOG - As a blogger too, I know how much time and effort goes into blogging and maintaining it. I respect your work, you are doing an amazing job. 'God bless your hustle'.

Amen. I do love her simplicity and effortless looks. Thank you Portia, you indeed have to visit her blog!

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  1. Yaayy portia! i agree with u ella on d fact that she's rily fashionable...and her blog is interesting. Just started mine too...

  2. She is blessed with a great sense of fashion coupled with simplicity and sophistication.
    nice job ella and portia.God bless you both

  3. C'mon! Been to her blog more than once! Nothing on here says fashionista! They are all just regular!

  4. Ella Mo I saw you at the Mall today. *so excited*

  5. Hahahahah, this Portia is here again, need to alert Ladun Laidi's Voltron's..hehehe.. tHis will sure be fun.

    1. Smh! Anony pls take a sit. Ladun's blog tht people come to take out their frustration on comments. Ella I'll be very disapointed if you publish any

  6. U look gud.

  7. Just another regular babe!

  8. Nice!

  9. Nice :)

  10. My portia!!! U look good dear

  11. i love Portia cause of her simplicity..She shows you how you can look good without actually spending all your savings on clothes..Very prudent lady..i like her blog a lot..she has been really helpful...Good work portia,keep it up...cheers

  12. Thank you for sharing this very nice post, please keep continue the sharing of this types of information. Here we are waiting for more


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