Friday, April 5, 2013

Fashionista Of The Week: Ibukunola Aladekomo

Hey Lovelies! Meet my Fashionista of the day...Some s***ck madt fashion whore! Meanwhile, this segment is really gon be on fire, as I've got lotta people showing huge interest and sending their pictures through...DFT love you guys silly! Lets hear Ibukun speak:

1. Give us some basic information about you: I'm Aladekomo ibukunoluwa, graduate of accounting, presently working with Eco bank.

2. Apart from Fashion, what else: Apart from fashion, I have so much love for music. This two things keep me going.

3. What is your greatest Fashion pet- peeve: BLINGS! I am no fan of BLINGS. They are No No No's for me.

4. What do you love about Fashion: SHOES!!! I keep buying them, and I don't get tired of owning them. (Lol)

5. What cant you be caught doing: I can always and would always be caught shopping! M beginning to think im sick. Shopping makes me happy!

6. What do you do for Fun: Cos of my kinda job, I hardly have time for fun, but when I have the opportunity to have fun, I party really hard.

7. Describe yourself in few words: I am me. God fearing, I love everyone around me, and I make sure I help everybody I can help, also I love laughing....

8. What is the fashion item you ant go without: My hand bag!

9. Anything to say about my blog: Your blog: I love your blog, keeps me trend conscious. As a matter of fact, your blog made me love velvet. U had this lovely wine velvet dress on and I Just kept on zooming into the piccha.

Thanks IBK do follow her on Instagram @peppershack02

Have a jumping Friday people!

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  1. U rock ibk....nice1!

  2. U rock ibk....nice1!

  3. so lovely nd classy

  4. Just normal....

  5. Ella you should post stuff for plus size women as well, I believe one can still be fashionable, if one is on the big side. I used to be a size 8, I'm a size 12 now after two kids. Help a sister please


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