Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Keep healthy and fashionable, think "Da Vogue"!!

Hello everyone. I've been having a jampacked day! Cant wait that today ends already. So so, our focus today is on health...need i tell you that health is fashion too? Few months back i had a spa session with Da Vogue owned by Adeyanju Ariyo. I had a wonderful one with the pleasant lady, she took it upon herself to do the session for me.. I had a Sauna bath..(Lol..but this wansn't funny), then i had a body scrub, a massage and then facials.

 After everything, i felt like i was relieved of a heavy load on me! Serzly i felt so light! So fresh so clean like Johnson's baby...hehehehe...After it all i was waiting for a 40k bill, only for her to say its just....my o my o!Please just put a call and a pin away, you will sure buy me a drink latter!

Lets take a time to read the below on the importance of a Spa.

There are several reasons why one should visit a spa regularly even in hard times.
When things get tough people see something like going to the spa as an extra, inessential splurge.
You should convince yourself that taking care of yourself in this way(visiting the spa) is truly essential to your health and success.

These are five benefits of going to the spa especially for massage;
1. It reduces stress hormone level. It helps slow your heart rate and bring blood pressure down

2. It boosts your immunity. The sauna bath/massage boosts the level of natural killer cells in your body which are the first defence against invaders and illness.

3. Its a great pain reliever. Whether you've got muscular pain, chronic headaches or migrane, massage has shown to significantly cleanse and relieve pain.

4. It boosts your mind. As if a wonderful, healing, relaxing visit to a spa wasn't enough, treatments such as massage increase your brain level of feel good hormones like dopamine and serotomin.

5. It eliminates body toxins.
Imagine how much happier a place this world would be if everyone especially women were treated to a spa treatment at least once a month.

I know I have been talking mostly about massage but, just think about it, a pedicure usually comes with a brief massage which is called reflexology massage, as does a facial and even manicures come with mini hand and arm massages. All body scrub/polish also come with massage because there's no way your body can be polished/scrubbed without being massaged.
You can jumpstart a healthy lifestyle by going to the spa with benefits like;
Getting healthy
Loosing weight; as the sauna and some specific massage techniques burn calories.
Increased confidence and self esteem
Improved circulation and blood pressure
Anti aging and healthy/glowing skin
Improved sleep patterns and
Improved breathing.

So do yourself and your body a favour and visit a spa soonest, it is worth every dime.
Wait no more lovelies! Call Adeyanju CEO Da Vogue Spa:

Mobile: +2348077537329
Pin: 22693C87
Address: No 19 Keffi Street, off Awolowo road, Ikoyi Lagos.

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  1. I really neen this right now :')

  2. Looking forward to the experience....#wink#

  3. A place to be really! Have my spa sessions @ davogue- always a wonderful experience with well trained n professional cosmetologists

  4. Nice place to be! Bn there severally n its worth the while with the spa sessions. Staff are professionals.Prices reasonable


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