Friday, February 1, 2013

Fashionista Of the Week - Dambo Timi

Hi Lovers....Its another beautiful FRIDAY. Oh YEA Its a new MONTH. Let me be the first to say HAPPY NEW MONTH sweeries. Another Fabulous Friday for a new fashionista. Yhaiiiii!!!! Guess what ladies its a dude. Its my very own personal pelzin LOL DAMBO TIMI......fine boy no pimple ;). Its all about Timi today. Timi graduated from Bowen University and He loves to look Good. Lets enjoy his answers to our questions. Hope you like it *Big Smile*

Give us some basic information about you: 
My name is Timi Dambo. A graduate from Bowen Uni. Iwo. Presently doing my masters in University of Wolverhampton England. A fashion lover and also an event planner.

So apart from Fashion, what else? 
Apart from fashion hmmmm well I present a show on a radio called THE BEAT

What is you Pet-Peeve?
My Greatest pet-peeve is colour blocking

What do you love about Fashion?
What i love about fashion is that fashion is an art form that can accommodate everyone. I love that it's in a constant state of evolution. I love that there are no rules. Especially where we don't have to deal with gravity unless we want to.....Self expression. Setting a mood, making a statement, its a wonderful creative outlet whether creating it, wearing it or styling it for others.

What Can't You Be Caught Doing?
I Cant't be caught sleeping on Keke Napep...LOL

What Do You Do for Fun? 
Shopping trust me its crazy fun....also go clubbing be it any kind.

Describe yourself in few words: 
Well I am STYLETAVERN a fashion lover of VINTAGE CLOTHES.

What is the fashion item you can't do without? 
Good pair of Shoes....

Anything to say about my blog? 
Your blog is a definition of fashion and trust me it screams of CLASSY

I know what you guys are thinking "Dude can dress"....LOL. Hope you liked his answers. Girls are already drooling *Tongue out*. Mail me if you want his details or follow him on Twitter & Instagram @styletavern

A very happy birthday to my Sis in-law Efe, I wish you a major one sis!!! Happy new month and have a splendid weekend.
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  1. He loves to shop.that's interesting for a guy.nice 1

  2. Hehehe! Well, dude is a rugged dresser!! #datsall

    1. *lipsealed* #Ade

    2. ....Queen is writing a message...

  3. I like his style....

  4. Inatimi o...where did dem pimples go?? to see you looking real stylish and all...nice one..

    1. Lol it finally went ooo lol hope ur good

  5. errmm.. my gay radar is twitching i smell some gayness ella is he gay??well na question i ask ohhh Ade and queen do not dare! come after me!

    1. I shant be after u Shallie baby, that's y I have my lips sealed, but thank God for maut piece like u! Lol... Make I enter ur blog sef! #Ade

  6. How dare u people say that! Look his wifey (the pupple) and u call him gay...*nw vomitting fire like Sango* for u both. #Queen

  7. @queen chai that kain fire vomit hmmm people wey dey there that time i pity them so..

    @Ade se pe my gay radar is working well ekwa?? oya high five jare!

  8. @bloggerlord88 i see you joor..

  9. This guy love shoes?! like seriously I didn't see dat? He repaeted a particular pant over,Wat d heck?

    1. Who doesn't re-rock? Bloddy hater! Its *repeated* mofo!!!


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