Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vogue Alert: Go Beltless!!!!

 Suits were originally intended to be worn without a belt.  Back in the day when suits were all bespoke suits and hand made by expert tailors, the trousers fit a gentleman so well that a belt was unnecessary. When suits were massed produced trousers often did not fit perfectly so belts or suspenders were used to keep the trousers up.

I do get all of my custom trousers made with belt loops because I do wear a belt occasionally.  Belts can be considered a piece of jewelry and can make a statement when worn.
But you can make a statement just as well by going beltless.  Going without a belt is very much in fashion currently as you can tell from the photos of celebrities caught without one.

 There are debates on how belts can break up the look of an outfit and actually make a short person look shorter.  I simply like the look of going beltless and in some instances it feels more comfortable.   Look how i wore mine yesterday:

So dearies! That's the latest trend now! go band less!!!.. Meanwhile, today is The Sunday Bazaar Event, do come along with a friend. See u there! Chao!


  1. Thatz me. Beltless Tosin.

  2. Dis nyc ella me liky! I hardly use belt sef.

  3. I lik ur shades were cn we gt it plx


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