Thursday, February 7, 2013

My-Fab-Diary: MOVING ON....

I read this article on a Blog i must say i visit almost everyday, and i saw this. This really moved me, i read with tears dropping from my right eye(such mixed feelings tears).

Im very happy for her, and at thesame time wish i could be very brave like her!! Such courage!

Jojo u gat my heart!! you are a great person. Please visit her blog always.

My-Fab-Diary: MOVING ON....:    The grace to move on is divine and can only be bestowed when you open your mind to embrace this gift... As I sit alone staring blank...


  1. Thanks so much for d RB!means a lot. Love ur personality..xo

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! My emotions got me again. God bless this lady. Selfless love is truly unlimited! It sees only the beauty! The money! And the the luxeries! This young chap dnt mind how much she looses, but wants to develop herself. I give it to u. Wish you the very best.

  3. She didn't wait for a breakthrough, she broke through herself. Girls like this still exist? I'm flabergasted!

  4. A proof that money can't buy happiness! O girl ur type no dey this London ooooo #Ade

  5. Ok o. This girl has just finished Risk Management course, so she's trying it out. Hahahahah! I respect her decision quite alryt, but I have little reservation! *Too mush money* #Queen

    1. my dear queen may GOD bless you for that dear you read my mind there is no person on this earth wu will leave certainty for uncertainty without some money stashed somewia or a promise of some back up let you people not go and read and be motivated to slap ur boss or tell him or her to f**k off me have said my own e mo ohun ti olukaluku gbojule and everyone's journey in life is diff shikena!

  6. This is deep! Nike

  7. Beefz...whether money is somewhere or nowhere, she is bold n passionate abt what makes hersef happy. So pls keep quiet n give hoour to whom honour is due rather than beefing the poor be she send u msg.


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