Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guys Trend Alert: Statement Patterned Colored Socks

Today we are taking a look at solid colored socks. The fact is that too many men are afraid of sporting any other sock than black. You probably have been taught since you were an infant that white for the gym & black for everything else.
Black socks are perfect, but colorful ones are equally great. Look at colorful socks as an accessory, not necessity.

 There are few better things than a bright red sock peeping out of the ankle bone when the remainder of you ensemble is a muted classic color. It is preferable to wear colored socks with a darker outfit. Too light and bright and you will look like a Christmas tree. I would leave the colored socks for business wear or more formal casual wear. There is no need to try and match the tones of your pocket square/tie with your choice of socks.


If you’re looking to keep it casual, there are some simple rules that will ensure you don’t look like the town fool.  First and foremost, socks and sandals are completely unacceptable.  In fact, this look is worse than last place. If you’re wearing sandals, simply leave the socks at home.  Second, make sure your socks match.  We understand staying casual, but there is no need to venture into “what the heck is he thinking?”.  We’d suggest driving a minivan ahead of mismatching your socks. Finally, socks do have a limited lifespan.  If your socks were alive while you were in college, it’s probably time to put them to rest. Holes, odors, and discoloration are signs that it’s time for something new.
Dressing up is less about the “do nots”, and more about the opportunity to wear something that complements your outfit.  For starters, over-the-calf socks are best as they hide leg hair when you cross your legs.
 Next, make sure your socks match your pant hem, not your shoes: This allows your silhouette to stay long and clean without their being a break in the color. As to accessorizing, wear something cool.  Bright socks, colorful socks, and patterned socks will all add interest to your outfit.  Make a statement; ditch the plain blacks and wear something that makes you stand out.
 So guys, Sock it to your wardrobe today!!!! Have a handsome day with your cute comments below:


  1. I gbadu d foot wears' dey mk sense n r really nice.

  2. Ella of life! Ooooshe! Am on the prowl for all these colours now. Will show you what I found in a bit. You r too gbaski

  3. Nice collections. Keep it up.

  4. Nice nice nice! Can't find the word. But if na woman nw u go tell dem where to buy am o. Ok o. I'm Bilesanmi

    1. EllAAAAAAAAA! Always seen them around, but now that my fashion goddess is talked. Abourit, I'll pull them up. Merci boqu. #Ade

    2. I no pity u! U go worse pass boy alinco! #Queen

  5. Wow!!! I'm also wearing same today. Good job madam.

  6. This coloured sockings on coperate wears... Not my take baby!!! Some whiz kid things. Cool on casuals.


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