Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Midi Dresses!

Tricky as this may sound, midi dresses are easy to wear and can be very faltering... as long as you master one important principle: the skirt needs to hit at the right part of the leg.

Every girl has a slightly different figure and not each one can wear all styles confidently knowing they look great. Midi dresses and skirts can be particularly difficult, if you are not tall and have not got super slim legs. So, if the hem hits just below the knee, not at the widest part of the calf, you will look great.

If your skirt ends at the widest part of your leg, it will make you look shorter and your legs chunky. So, the most important thing to pay attention to when choosing your midi dress, is to know where it ends. Do not buy something designed for a tall person, if you are petite. Short girls can still rock a midi, but make sure your body looks proportional in the dress.

Another thing is shoes. They can change every outfit a great deal. Heels will elongate the leg and are probably the best choice for a midi style, but gladiators and strappy sandals can do you a favour too.

Here is how i wore mine:

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  1. I like you n ur style but please the hairstyle wasn't right one bit.

    1. Mehn...I can't wait for that her dreds to grow.. Dnt like the look it gives her right now..

  2. Mrs Amina what about the hair pls? #Instachick#instanatural# go Ella! #Ade

  3. Lol. Who's dis Ade sef?

  4. Nice dress btw but hair #instableh.

  5. got the same dress as you,mines from topshop i paired mine with green shoes and green clutch.. i can send you the picture through your email x
    Bidemi from Dublin xoxo

  6. Hi Bidemi, nice you wore same and m very sure green wud have been much fab on the dress. Pls send the picture through. Thanks hun!

  7. Nice one Ella u rock

  8. Love the look! The hair is right for the natural sistahs so boom!

  9. Love your style and style choices! You rocked the midi and the hair is right for the natural sistah!

  10. Some really good tips here on how to wear a midi <3 Thanks for the advice xx

  11. You are gorgeous, nice sets of tips on wearing midi dress.
    I found some nice variation of midi dress on this link


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